Am I In The Right Career Or Do I Need A Career Change?

Some people seem to know exactly what they want out of their lives. As soon as they enter the real world, they have every idea how to actualize their aspirations. While others spend years exploring different avenues, working out different options and pondering on what feels right. Whether you are considering jumping ship into an entirely different industry or figuring out how to focus on your current job- ask these simple questions to yourself.

Answering these questions will lend decisiveness to your decision of -"Am I in the right career or do I need a career change?" So let's a keep track of how many times you answer "Yes".

Lifestyle- Does this chosen career support a lifestyle you enjoy?

"Having a life" tend to have different definitions to different people. Whatever "having a life" means to you make sure you live life at your own pace. Earning enough to support your family, giving wings to your unfulfilled dreams, providing room for your personal passions are some of the considerations.

Passion- Are you doing what excite you the most?

If you feel happy going to office then current career is right for you. If you constantly feel fatigued when you are at work, it is not a good sign.

Expertise- Do you feel a carving to learn more about it?

To see your career evolve and grow, you need to go the extra mile. And when you put your heart and soul at something, you become an expert at your craft and in your field. Be committed to what you are best at.

Social- Do you feel proud of what you are doing?

If you love to tell people what you do for a living that is great way to find out your inner voice. When you are passionate about your career or job, every day you get the feel I can do better in it.

Admiration- Is your work get recognized?

We all feel elated when we get appreciations for our work. It is human nature. We all need those recognitions to keep the spark alive.

Growth- Do you have room to grow?

If you current career does not allow you to explore, discover, learn, engage and being proactive in new projects, it is definitely time to look for something you are best at.

Fun- Does "work hard, play harder" quote sounds right in your chosen career?

Who doesn't love fun? Companies that integrate fun with work have greater job satisfactions, higher productivity and less downtime. As they say "We don't quit playing because we grow older; we grow older because we quit playing."

Satisfied- Do you feel content about what you are doing?

The key to happiness is job satisfaction. If you feel stressed or burdened with the work you do, better follow your heart and seek vibrant colours (career change) to fill the canvas of life.

With thousands of career to choose from, it is no wonder choosing the right occupation may seem overwhelming but answering all the above questions will surely clear out the mind fog.

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