10 Reasons to Use a Pet Sitter

Have a vacation approaching? Business trip looming? And you still don't know what you're going to do with your pet? Consider a Frisco, McKinney, or Allen in-home pet sitter from Personable Pet Care! The experience is leaps and bounds above the obsolete practice of kennel boarding. Here are the benefits of choosing an experienced, certified and insured in-home Personable Pet Care pet sitter:

1. Your Pet is in the comfort of his own home! His places to sleep, eat, potty, and neighborhood walk keep his routine constant without a hiccup. He's remains stress free while a certified pet sitter follows his specific daily routine providing individualized care. However, common practice at kennels is to leave your pet locked in a cage in between their potty break times. Your pet is in a tight, dark space on a cold, hard surface approximately 23 hours a day.

2. Your Pet is not exposed to other dogs' diseases and germs! The practice of boarding is so risky to your pet's health that there is even a disease caused by and named after boarding in kennels. Kennel cough is a term that is commonly used to describe a highly contagious respiratory disease complex in dogs and cats caused primarily by the bacterium Bordetella Bronchiseptica. It generally results in a mild, self-limiting illness characterized by coughing and sneezing in animals recently housed in a communal setting. Your pet stays healthy in your home with no exposure to illness.

3. Your pet gets concentrated love and attention! With boarding, your animal is in a cage most of the day and only gets attention when let out to relieve himself. With pet sitting, an experienced, animal-loving pet sitter comes to your home to devote all of their attention to your loved one. Pet sitters work with your dogs schedule and ensure his specific routine is followed. They take walks, play games, get treats and of course lots of love and belly scratches!

4. Pet sitters won't cost you any guilt! You never have to impose on friends, family or neighbors again. They may do a good job of taking care of your pet but are they trained to respond to an emergency with your pet or your home? Are they insured and bonded in case something goes wrong? Personable Pet Care, a professional pet sitting company, has been trained on how to respond to any type of emergency situation and holds insurance and bonding so you are always protected.

5. No more unnecessary vaccinations! Many kennels require a laundry list of vaccinations for your pet, regardless of what your personal vet recommends for your individual animal. Unnecessary vaccinations can actually increase your pets risk of developing allergies and pose dangerous health risks. Many vaccinations for your pet stay with them for their lifetime.

6. Price! Price! Price! Kennels charge by the size and number of the pets and can become very costly. Pet sitters charge a modest per visit fee based on the number of pets in your home and with multiple pets, you likely will pay less than what a kennel will charge.

7. Visits tailored to your pets needs! Because your pet will be getting one-on-one attention, you can be assured that your specific requests will be met when your pet sitter comes over. Your pet sitter can tailor visits from 1 to 4 visits per day depending on your pets unique needs. In a kennel environment, your pet is usually taken out with other pets increasing their risk of dog fights, exposure to illness, and stress, as this is not the environment they are used to.

8. No travel required. Some animals love to get in the car and go for a ride. Unfortunately, there are many that don't and it can be a huge hassle and struggle to get your animal to a kennel, not to mention, sometimes traumatizing for the animal themselves. Using a professional pet sitter, you never have to induce travel trauma on your pet. They stay in the comfort of their own home.

9. Your Pet is waiting at home for you! No need to worry about when the kennel opens or closes and if your plane will land in time to get to the kennel before they close to avoid paying for an extra night. With pet sitting, your pet is happily awaiting you when you walk in your door.

10. Home Security! Not only is your pet still at home to fulfill his duty as watchdog, but with someone coming and going every day for pet visits, your home doesn't have the look of a home with a family on vacation. A pet sitter gives your home a lived in look by following your specific requests. They turn on and off indoor and outdoor lights, adjust blinds and curtains, and bring in the mail and newspaper daily. Giving your home a lived in look is an added bonus when choosing Personable Pet Care's professional, certified pet sitters for your pet sitting needs.

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