Working From Home – How Office Based Managers Now Save Money Doing Their Regular Job From Home

Are you making the most of your IT?

Remote access to your office PC via the internet is often overlooked as being a 'geeky novelty' but do you realise how it could help you and your business?

Make the most of your working day

People will naturally involve you in discussions and ask you questions if you are in the office. How many of those issues are critical? Couldn't they be resolved without you or wait a few hours until you're available? Consider how much more efficiently you could work if you were temporarily removed from the office environment.

Reduce your car fuel bills

If you could occasionally work from home instead of going to the office, remote access will save you some serious money on fuel. One day a week working from home could easily cut your gas bill by a massive 20%. How much money does that save you per month? That is a lot of money!

Have a lay-in during the working week

If you usually start work at 9am, you might need to be out of the house by 8am to get there on time. Imagine having an hour extra in bed - during the week! PLUS - Finish at 5pm? You'll be home in literally no time at all. In fact, each day you spend working from home could actually be 2 hours shorter if you were to work from home!

Data Security

With some of the products on the market you'd be right to have concerns - especially those which allow you to gain access from any PC. However, done properly, you can have a very secure link to your office PC from your laptop or home PC configured with a series of complex algorithms and security certificates followed by your normal login name and password. The key to look out for here is the SSL security certificate as this makes all the difference. Should your laptop ever be stolen, the certificate can simply be withdrawn on your office PC and remote access will be immediately denied by anyone using your laptop. A new certificate would then be issued for your replacement laptop.

Global access

If you like to keep tabs on your business whilst you're abroad, good remote access will make it happen. All you need is an internet connection and your laptop and you will have fully secured access to your office PC.

Did you know?

You can print documents to your home printer AND you can also print the same documents to your usual office based printer.


Enjoy frightening the life out of your staff by printing them a task list to the office printer whilst you're on holiday in Barbados! - That's always good for a laugh!

Save time. Save money.
Increase efficiency.
Increase flexibility.
Get a good VPN!

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