Work From Home With an Internet-Based Job

The advent of high-speed internet has changed the inner-workings of how most businesses and companies function. These days, one person can be more productive thanks to the instant access to loads of valuable information, right at their fingertips. The possibility of working from home is higher, as well, due to the fact that keeping in touch is so much easier, what with internet teleconferences and Skype free internet calling.

Working in a remote position can also be more productive, as employees do not have to waste time preparing for work in the morning or factor in commute times. You can get more sleep, wake up refreshed, and get to work calmly over a cup of coffee, rather than fight the rat race and sit in hectic rush hour traffic to get to the office on time.

So what kinds of jobs can be done from home? Many occupations have remote positions, both at entry level and higher professional status. For example, graphic designers and computer programmers can typically work on their own schedule, just as productively from home as from any office. Companies can save money this way, as well, by reducing the cost of maintaining a large, equipped office. Freelance writers frequently prefer to work from home, as do many radio correspondents. Customer service representatives, IT professionals, and salespeople can work from home, as well - it's oftentimes easier and more fruitful than working in a common office.

There are also some online jobs that aren't as obvious. Take, for example, becoming an E-Juror, a virtual jury member, one way to earn some extra cash while learning about the goings-on of a court room. Entry-level positions as a virtual assistant to a small business owner can be very lucrative, as can a job as a virtual concierge, whose responsibilities may include taking phone calls and emails from clients who need dinner reservations, taxi service, or help planning a vacation. Some people make money as a paid blogger, who is hired by a company or service to help with online promotions. Bloggers use their writing skills and web knowledge to spread the word about products, deals, etc.

In order to improve your potential of being a remote worker, you will want to make sure your home office is equipped with high speed cable, DSL, or satellite broadband internet. Next, you should make yourself familiar with a variety of online portals designed for remote workers searching for jobs, as well as employers advertising remote job openings. Some of the popular remote job databases are Elance, which also provides a forum for remote workers to exchange ideas, tips, and questions about remote positions. is a space for employers to post remote jobs in the areas of sales, clerical and administrative employment, account executives, and customer service. is an excellent online resource for freelance writers, artists, and media professionals, with a special search tool to narrow down remote and freelance positions available all over the US.