What You Should Know Before Starting a New Job

Let us suppose you just held an interview with a company for a position which sounds great, the salary is better than you expected, and the company's brand is strong. Before saying "yes" and sign the contract would be well to inquire about the package of benefits that the company will provide employees. And as it is not negligible, your interests as a future employee is to learn how exactly are those benefits that you receive. The answer will not be circuitous because employers know that high wages will not always be sufficient to compensate for a plan of benefits.

Get informed before you accept the offer for a company not to be taken by surprise later after all the acts have been signed. If the company offers employees a benefits package, negotiating the compensation or bonuses can be done during that discuss contract details.

It is true that the financial aspect is important but at some point of your career go somewhere on a second, being surpassed by interest in career development.

From the beginning you need to know what you want and which would benefit those who come to meet the needs of family life or your payment of rent, energy electrics, free and permanent connection to the internet, electronic equipment performance, payment of child education, etc...

Here are some questions:

1. Company could bear the expenses of medical insurance?
2. What is the system that the organization is using during the holiday resorts and health?
3. Provides company insurance for long term and short term disability?
4. Do you have a pension plan for employees? What would it be?
5. There is a plan for training sessions, courses, training paid by the organization? What is it and how they developing?
6. Company can offer career development? There hierarchical advancement opportunity? After how long and what are the conditions?