What Exactly Is The Job Of A Remote Database Administrator?

As the United States transitioned from an industrial economy to an informational and service-based economy, information technology permeated all aspects of professional life. Today, computer technology has become an essential part of working life. All executives consider it a grave error to be caught for even a single moment without their BlackBerry, which is a mobile communications device. Information technology has become important to the success of commerce and business.

Indeed, all businesses that succeed and grow eventually have to invest some capital in database installation and management. Of necessity due to innovations such as the Internet, online communications, marketing and services are extremely important to the profitability of the business. Data storage is necessary to handle the large volume of electronic information generated each day from the operations of the business. Internal and external email messages, order and delivery information, subscription services, and other types of records all have to be collected and processed.

Managing the amount of data results and the databases that store and process this data is the job of a database administrator. The database administrator, DBA, is responsible for maintaining and repairing, if necessary, the database or databases of an organization. Database management consists of ensuring optimum performance of the business's internal networks that access the database, as well as making sure that the database is running at maximum performance. Their responsibilities include planning for future database expansions in addition to making contingencies for unforeseen circumstances.

Database administration can also be performed remotely, in which case the position is officially known as a remote database administrator. The job of a remote DBA is exactly the same as a regular DBA, except remote access is required to the database. Usually an RDBA has access to a computer system at their private office or even their home that allows them to access their database remotely and perform their jobs. A server client program bridges the connection between their home network and the business's network, allowing access to the database.

A remote DBA is a recent development with the release of robust client service software, but the basic job of a remote DBA is the same as a regular DBA.