Top Tips for Your First Day in a New Job

Many young people will now have left full-time education and will soon be branching out into the daunting world of working for a living. Some may receive a wage for their efforts, others may choose to start work in an unpaid capacity as an apprentice or an intern. Whatever the role, the first day in a new job can be an unnerving experience at any age.

Here are some top tips for your first day in a new job:

- Arrive on time, not too early and of course, not late. Arriving very early can be disconcerting for your new co-workers; it prevents them from settling in before they receive you.

- Locate the amenities; where the rest rooms are, the coffee-making facilities, kitchen or cafeteria.

- Make an effort to quickly learn your new email address, people's names, job titles, where they're located.

- Make notes about everything. Handwrite the information so that you can readily refer to the things you've been told.

- Use highlighter pens to mark the important points. It may sound like a low-tech method, but it works as a quick and efficient way to instantly identify key, especially relevant data.

- Be prepared to make the drinks, at least at first. This is a good way of meeting everyone, learning people's names and letting them get to know and recognise you.

- Bring in a packet of reasonable quality biscuits. Quietly and without fuss bring a packet of biscuits for everyone to share with their coffee. Everyone will know who they're from and it's an easy and effective way to say 'hello'.

- Be willing and keen but not over-enthusiastic. Think about a child who's looking to join a new group of children in the playground. Rather than rushing over you'll often find that the child will stand to one side and watch the others play for a while. They watch the playground dynamics to see who the most popular children are, the noisy ones, the bullies, the ones who they'd feel most comfortable with. Often they will assess the situation before deciding who to join and befriend. They take time to assess where they will best fit.

Starting a new job can be stressful at any age. But for a young person the first day of a new job means entering a very different, unfamiliar world, the world of the responsible, career focussed young adult. Hopefully some of these tips will help ease the transition a little.