Top Job Interview Techniques

Job Interview Techniques can they really help? I have been in the recruitment industry for the last 11 years and have interviewed many candidates. I am often asked why a candidate that I interview stands out from all the others. This comes down to their Job interview techniques.

There are 10 Job Interview Techniques that they use:

1. Preparation
2. Appearance - First impression
3. Eye Contact
4. Confidence
5. Enthusiasm
6. Honesty
7. Concise answers
8. Relevant Questions
9. Know when to stop talking
10. Listen

This list may seem daunting but if you break it down into individual steps it will make it make your task much easier.

Today I am going to concentrate on the 3 Job interview techniques that I think are the most important.

1. Appearance - First impression
2. Eye Contact
3. Confidence

Appearance - First impression

The first and most important Job interview Technique is make a strong first impression as soon as you walk in.

According to research employers' impressions are made up of the following:

o Body Language and image -70%
o Tone of voice- 20%
o What you say- 10%

When you are going to a job Interview ask yourself

"Do I look like I work for this company?"

If you don't look like you would fit in then you need to do some research. If possible go and see what the majority of people are wearing when they are coming out of their building and copy their style.

If you look like you would fit in to that organisation you will have a great head start. First impressions do count so remember to always talk clearly, if you talk too loud it's obnoxious and mumbling is irritating.

Eye Contact

As soon as you walk into the building make sure you have good eye contact with everyone you meet.

You must treat everyone you come into contact with the same way.

Always have good eye contact a firm hand shake (remember it is eye contact not staring). Smile and nod your head when being spoken to and always keep that all important eye contact.


This is probably the most difficult obstacle to overcome. My advice would be Practise, Practise, Practise. If you get lots of practise your confidence will grow and you will be prepared for the majority of situations you will come across in an interview.

You will know your strengths and weakness and using this valuable information your confidence will soar.

Warning:Don't be over confident, stay relaxed show you have a friendly personality and you will not come across as arrogant. Make sure you use that all important eye contact, the nodding of the head in the right places. You will be seen by the interviewer that you are interested. If you follow these job interview techniques you will be on your way to that new Job.

Good luck

I hope this article has helped you.