Tips To Help You Conquer Fear of Failure at the New Job

Embarking on a new job is incredibly exciting, isn't it or is it kind of nerve wracking. Just visualize yourself walking through the door, this is the first day and you have a new job. There is a sinking feeling in the gut, and we tell you it is perfectly normal to get the nerves. You are concerned about figuring the ins and outs of what all your job description entails. That is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Thousands of questions swarm across your mind, what the organizational culture would be like. You are getting butterflies in the stomach.

There Is More to It Than Meets the Eye

You are a bit apprehensive about meeting new personalities. On top of everything the unfamiliar office throws open the possibilities for learning new things. You are having mixed feelings about the adjustment period; actually it is a very different experience for each person, quite unique to say the least besides being a brand new discovery. It is quite OK to be bogged down with a sense of struggle, or overwhelmed easily. Well the whole thing need not be shrouded in uncertainty.

Stay calm as there are ways and means whereby you can conquer your nerves while taking the new experiences in your stride. Well you have a situation at hand and the reason for that situation is in front of you, it is a simple case of a cause as well as an effect. The new job situation is making you jittery; well there is more to it than meets the eye.

You Seriously Need To Work on Self Talk

Honestly speaking you seriously need to work on self talk as all pointers indicate you have been talking down to yourself all the while that is the reason you are feeling bad with knotted nerves. Minor roadblocks would frustrate you; you can easily overcome these hiccups by giving yourself a little pep talk. That is the best advice to stay really calm and collected under pressure. Certain tips to help you stay under control are:

Just relax, as it is said that your body is a mirror for how your mind is, therefore make a deliberate attempt to loosen up and relax, only then would you be able to do great work. Shift the focus from yourself to the task in hand. Starting a new job does stir deep feelings of anxiety, making you feel seemingly inadequate.

Conquer Your Fears to Flourish At the Job

The sooner you are able to conquer your fears, the faster you can get on the job and start making an impact. You do not need to be a know all; initially you have the leverage of saying you are working on an issue, trying to find a solution and get back with the right answer at the earliest, this can easily take off the work pressure during the initial days, when it is needed the most. Just remember the reason you are there is because you have been adjudged to be the best person for the job, hired by the organization to give your best shot.

The company or more precisely the hiring people will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you succeed and flourish at the job. Always remember all of us without any exception have been in a new job earlier. No one is perceptibly better than the other, given the trying times and conditions one faces when starting a new job. So just smile and get along with what you need to do as we all are in the same boat.


There is always a fear factor with anything new, fear of unknown as they say, you are at a loss as what to expect. Just normalize the new, the real problem is the thinking that fear and anxiety is something that is not normal, it is the way it should be, perfectly in place, just about perfectly normal. Just reassure yourself that you have come this far, with time the new would become routine and you shall find the groove and rhythm that characterized your professional life earlier.