Stress or Burnout – Do You Know the Differences?

Every day we experience events that may cause us to experience various levels of stress. The stress may appear at home, at work or almost everywhere in our daily life. Many regular signs of stress symptoms we easily adjust to or choose to ignore because of a sense of familiarity or we become used to it. If we experience prolonged symptoms they may become too heavy or the prolonged stress makes us feel desensitized to everything around us, it is possible we may be burned out.

A good definition of burnout is when we feel like the stress and problems we are going through have no possible endings or solutions. This feeling of helplessness is one of the more common signs of burnout. You many also suffer from apathy or even cynicism.

When you learn to recognize the beginnings of burnout it can essentially assist you in finding ways to get yourself back on an even keel or at least minimize the effects of burnout. Realizing and knowing you are moving toward possible burnout due to stress can help you from causing damage to your life, your relationships and your job.

Every day we are constantly showered by stress and it can make you feed both physically and emotionally drained. Daily stress is an ordinary occurrence but if you do nothing to wash it away you may end up experiencing the many signs of stress and the symptoms of stress burnout.

Stress and burnout are interconnected and although they are two distinct and different problems they may be solved with somewhat similar solutions. Differences between these two problems usually include the following: stress may make you feed hyper-emotional while burnout can make you feed under-emotional or at times not caring; stress may make you hyperactive while burnout can make you feel things are hopeless; stress can affect your physical well being while burnout can affect you emotional well being.

Although the differences between stress and burnout may seem wide they actually can be approached and solved in the same way. Recognizing the symptoms early and working with a stress management program to get rid of the accumulated stress that may lead to burnout is the start of solving the problem.

Once you learn to relieve stress through physical activity, meditation with some time alone, and perhaps yoga you can rejuvenate yourself and prevent the buildup of stressful forces that may lead to burnout. Keeping the stress from daily life under control will keep the negative effects of burnout from taking control of you life.