Stress At Work – Successfully Conquer The Stress Of Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. I have been in this position several times and I know that you will be in this same position as well.

When starting a new job, you are out of your comfort zone and have many factors to overcome including:

o Settling into your new job.

o Getting comfortable with your coworkers and management.

o Getting comfortable with your new work environment.

o Getting use to the new payroll system.

o Learning new company policies and procedures.

o Learning your new job position.

o Taking a new direction to work each day.

o New working hours.

o Changes to outside work routine including social life and attending to family matters.

This list can go on and on, depending on your job position. According to my experiences, the most stressful part with starting a new job is getting comfortable with the job role and learning the company's policies and procedures. Also you are bound to make a lot of mistakes and come across some unexpected surprises while learning your new job.

Here are excellent tips to minimize stress when starting a new job:

o Give yourself time to settle into your new job. Settling into a new job takes time and there are so many things to learn. My suggestion is to take things one step at a time. For example, in the first few days of starting your new job, focus on getting comfortable with your new work environment, the company procedures, your coworkers and the new direction you take to and from work each day. After settling into your new work environment, focus on maximizing your duties in the new job role.

o Communicate regularly with management/supervisor to track your job performance. A main factor with starting a new job is to communicate regularly with your supervisor or management on your job progress. By communicating regularly with management, you will receive vital feedback on areas you need to improve. You can easily loose your new job if you don't find out area early what is expected from you by your employer. Ongoing communications with management helps to build strong work relationships and provides you with a support base to discuss any work related problems.

o Forget the "Honeymoon" period. The "Honeymoon" period is when a company gives you a time period to settle into your new job. The "Honeymoon" period is vital for easing you into your new job, however don't get caught in this period for too long. When you get caught in the "Honeymoon" period, you could neglect work productivity and could loose your job. A company expects you to achieve maximum results, once you have fully settled into your job role.

o Be calm and relaxed. While settling into your new job, it is important to remain calm and relaxed. With a calm and relaxed approach, you will be able to hand any unexpected problems and surprises with the new job.

o Think positive. Thinking positive will give you an optimistic approach to your job. With a positive approach, you will be more proactive with learning your job role and you will feel more confident with the success of your new job.