Stay At Home Online Jobs – Know How To Choose The Right One And Avoid Being A Victim

There are many jobs advertised as stay at home online jobs and jobs online for stay at home moms. Many are legitimate jobs and can pay you extra money for services rendered or goods sold. However, there are also many advertisements for stay at home online jobs and jobs online for stay at home moms that are just flat-out scams that attempt to suck you in with promises that will never be fulfilled and will only make you a victim instead of making you money. Some offer extra money while some offer a financial opportunity of a lifetime. Remember the old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is not. If you have certain talents and skills that can be utilized by legitimate online businesses, they will not charge you for joining up with them or require you to purchase some type of kit in order for you to provide your skills and talents to them. They will be glad that you are interested in joining them and providing your skills and talents to help them do the work in which they need to have done.

Have you ever applied for a job and was told that before they could hire you, you would have to pay a $100 upfront, sign-up or employment fee or buy some type of kit. I'm sure you would be very skeptical of any potential employer who told you this. Therefore, the same would apply for online jobs you may find. Any stay at home online jobs or jobs online for stay at home moms or any other online job that you find which requires any type of upfront fee or for you to have to purchase some sort of kit that you can't determine the purpose of, is probably just a scam and will never furnish any type of actual job for which you may be looking. Millions of people are using the internet every day. Many of these are looking for online jobs. If a scam artist could get a 100,000 of these people to fall for a job scam and send in just $ 20 to get started, the scammer would rake in 2 million dollars. From this example, you should be able to see why you should never pay money upfront in order to get started with any online job.

Also, while searching online for stay at home online jobs or jobs online for stay at home moms, never give more information than you are comfortable in giving and never, never give your Social Security Number out to anyone online when searching for an online job. Since most initial online jobs you may find advertised are contract jobs (Form 1099 employment), and if the company is legitimate, they don't need your number until you reach the $ 600 level that they have paid you. This should give you the time to see if they are paying you and if they are real and legitimate.

Another way to check them out is to go to BBB.Com (Better Business Bureau) or to RipoffReport.Com to see what you can find out about them or just Google them to see what you might find. If they are a scam, chances are you will find that out from these sources. This article is certainly not meant to lead you to believe that all advertisements for stay at home online jobs or jobs online for stay at home moms are scams. However, it is written for you to use these guidelines to help you determine which ones are legitimate, which ones are not and to help you from becoming an online job scam victim.