Resumes for Your Senior Job Search

Resumes are the point of first impression for recruiters and employers. Unless your resume carries the right impact, unfortunately, it can also be the last impression! While much has been spoken and written about resumes, resume-writing for senior professionals is doubly challenging. But for each of the challenges of resume writing there is a workaround that lets you create a resume that will take you ahead in your senior job search.

  • Complete information: HR professionals, recruiters and employers see hundreds of resumes every week. Even when it comes to a senior Resume, a recruiter spends just between six seconds and half a minute to decide whether to shortlist the resume. That's why it is important to make sure the information that you pack into your resume covers what the hiring team needs to assess your profile. For example, there could be a temptation of highlighting an achievement, which recruiters might not pay heed to. The deal is to list relevant information that positions one as an apt fit for the kind of job opportunities one is looking for.
  • Two-page formula: A senior professional's career profile can run into many pages, but a corollary of the last point is that your Resume should NEVER run beyond 2 pages. It's not just about what to keep, but it's equally important to have clarity about what you should leave out of your resume. Be careful while including details such as Passport Number, as these are only required in some cases. There are many details that should only be provided when asked for.
  • Not getting interview calls: Even when the market is facing a job crunch, the right set of talent is always in demand. If you are not getting calls at all, or if recruiters are not considering you for the right jobs, your resume could be the culprit. In such a scenario don't stop your job search; rather work on a better resume, preferably with an expert, professional resume consultant.
  • The right kind of resume writer: While you know your career best, there could be compelling reasons to work with a resume writer. Aside from the fact that you may be short of time to give your resume adequate attention, an expert resume writer will understand your career goals and ensure that your resume reflects those. Professional resume writers also know how to write your resume so that it meets recruitment best practices. They can advise you on resume content, format & styling often based on the industry vertical that you work in.

Is your resume holding you back?

At a senior level, it is crucial for a professional to present one's credentials effectively.
Don't be amongst those highly qualified and deserving senior candidates who miss out on the critical success factors that go into the making of the 'right resume'. To recap, these include making sure you capture right information to go into your resume, keep your resume concise, review your resume periodically and finally whenever in doubt get professional resume writers to assist you in crafting your resume.

A professional resume could be all that you need to cross the first level step of your job search.