Overcoming The Burnout Syndrome

The psychological condition that causes people to feel emotional and physical exhaustion customarily and lose interest in their needs is known as the Burnout Syndrome. People suffering from this psychological condition also become critical and cynical of themselves and others, and they also lose efficiency in the work they do as well. Usually, lack of acknowledgement or support, long-term stress and overwork can result in this condition.

Physical Signs:

- Back and shoulder pain
- Considerable weight loss or weight gain
- Headaches
- Insomnia
- Low energy
- Lowered immunity
- Neglecting personal needs

Psychological Signs:

- Cynicism
- Depression
- Dispassionate
- Dulled emotions
- Feelings of failure
- Irritation
- Lack of empathy
- Lack motivation

Isolating and withdrawing themselves from others is quite natural among people suffering from the burnout syndrome, as a means of dealing with the mentioned symptoms. People suffering from it can become less responsible, procrastinate over everything they do and take a lot of time doing things. People suffering from it will often use alcohol, drugs or sleep pills as a way of relaxing themselves artificially.

Preventing and Treating Burnout Syndrome


Recognizing the occurrence of the mentioned factors and attempting to avoid or change them is the best way of preventing the burnout syndrome. While burnout triggers cannot always be entirely avoided. At times, people cannot help but do things that tend to trigger burnout, such as carrying on with their jobs or continuing to be a stay-at-home parent.

The best way to prevent burnout is to make sure that emotional, mental and physical needs are being met. This can be done if:

- Activities are incorporated into the day. Even walking for ten minutes or so can prove to be helpful.
- A nutritious and well-balanced diet is consumed.
- Get enough sleep.
- Periods of relaxation are incorporated into the day.

The earlier burnout syndrome is recognized the easier it can be overcome, just like many other similar psychological conditions.


Burnout syndrome can certainly be treated even though it is a serious condition. Burnout can be dealt with using both alternative and medication-based methods. The efficiency of the methods usually depends on the underlying factor that is causing this condition to occur. Combining these two methods is also an excellent way of treating burnout and lifestyle changes must also be made.

Medications for dealing with the symptoms of burnout syndrome are often prescribed by a doctor, which include:

- Antidepressants
- Medication to aid any digestive issues
- Sleeping pills or sedatives
- Medications to help with the mentioned physical symptoms of burnout syndrome

Burnout can also be treated using non-medication-based methods as well, which include:

- Counseling
- Hypnosis
- Journaling
- Meditation
- Stress management techniques
- Therapy

No doubt the symptoms of burnout can be alleviated through these types of treatment. However, until and unless the underlying factors causing this condition are not avoided or changed, this condition cannot be entirely overcome. However, if people attempt to change the things that are causing them to feel regularly exhausted and also follow the mentioned treatment methods, then they will definitely overcome Burnout Syndrome.