New Job Jitters? How To Handle Yourself On The First Day On Your New Job And Be A Success

I happened to have a first day of a new job happening tomorrow. Now we have all been lucky to have landed a job now and then and at times have been on the other side of the coin and found ourselves without a job. I have been on both sides of the coin.

But with a new job starting tomorrow, a new leaf opening up, I wish to create the best impression possible, so I decided to look up a little research and voila - an article in the making to also help others like you who may be starting a new job. What I learned surprised me, some ideas made me laugh and found funny as you will, and lastly, I thought I'd share my experience in seeing if following said tricks actually work.

A little background:

I have over 20 years of office work experience having worked for large firms as well as small firms with various titles. Due to my level of creativity and style of personality I have found much success with working at smaller-type firms. I personally was not one of those people who perfected the 'fitting in' system as many are comfortable to do and as required to live by for working with larger firms. Though due to the internet, some of these large conglomerate companies understand many factors for creating a highly successful working environment - and Bravo to that!

I have a friend for example who works for a privately owned credit card company - you know the company that says things are priceless? - OK well, she has comfortably been able to play the role, be able to do the 'fit in', and now makes ridiculous amount of money - good for her! Though this longtime pal of mine is someone I may have never wished to become like, but I could learn a few things from her. Her resilience and ability to be flexible has certainly helped create the life she wishes to lead. Some of us though may not have her talent let alone any wish to work for a huge conglomerate.

So You Want to Create The Best Impression on Day One

  • Wear comfortable clothes, and be a little understated - I read somewhere where one woman wore a mini-skirt and chunky shoes on her first day, and the poor thing was known as the 'chunky shoe' 'girl' for many years. Now I am not sure what to complain about first, how this writer referred to this woman as a 'girl' or this woman's poor choice in clothing. This doesn't mean despite a relaxed dress code you should wear jeans on the first day. But you do not wish to stick way out completely either, it's not a black tie event unless you are the waiter. But by being comfortable, you will be more relaxed with yourself and it will give you the chance to give the right impression versus someone whose shoulders might be hunched to hide a too-tight shirt for example.
  • So do yourself a favor, wear comfortable shoes, have a jacket that can come off and you feel comfortable in, wear slacks that fit, lay off of too much perfume or cologne - since you may be in tight quarters as people lean over you to show you their computer software, have and use tic tacs so that your mouth is always clean.
  • Wait at least until the third week to start decorating your cubicle or desk. You want to make sure you are staying first of all. Secondly, no one wants to see your teddy bear and think you are all washed up before you lead your first sales meeting, regardless of how lucky that teddy bear actually is for you! Also allowing this much time to pass will allow you to see and observe others in their decorating techniques and what might be appropriate.
  • Remember the names of your coworkers as soon as you can. When being introduced to people on the first day, do your best to remember their names, and what they do. Respecting their success and their experience with this company will assist you greatly when you need to ask questions such as how long is your lunch break to what certain work policies are. Show real appreciation for those who show you the ropes and this will help you gain the respect from your coworkers.
  • The first day, is not the day to share your humor! We all have funny jokes, and want to come across as likable, but telling anything political or religious could literally label you as not a serious worker, but a goof ball right from the very start. Now I know this seems obvious, but it is an important remark, especially when there will be times when undoubtedly you will be nervous on your first day, and usually some of us try to be funny to help break that nervousness. Keep mum and simply smile your nerves away.
  • Remember there was a history before you arrived. There may be a number of reasons why you were hired besides your expertise. It could very well be that there's a colleague or manager no one likes, hence the reason for a very high turnover (or maybe you forgot to ask why the job was available in the first place - ouch!) or hopefully it was open due to promotion and growth. Keep this in mind as you learn the ropes. As you learn the tasks at hand, keep your nose to the grind, and your ears wide open. By not jutting in on conversations that do not include you, you will learn who you can really trust and who you might really like. What someone may appear like to you on the first day, could be the person you least would like to know or be associated with a few weeks down the road when you learn this person is up for the boot. So choose your associates closely - and remember that no one likes a brown nose either - so find that middle ground and stick with it until you know everyone and the ropes and position you are to fill.
  • Be yourself and do not pretend you are something you are not. Several CEO's have mentioned this trick. You were already hired, so relax. You got the job, now is the time to pay attention at dealing with the responsibilities of your new job.
  • Arrive a little early and stay a little late for the first week, and learn when the best times are to approach your new peeps to ask them questions. They want you to succeed as much as you do and do not expect you to be perfect from day one, but you can at least try and ask questions at the right time. At the end of the day, clean your desk area so that is it tidy, write down any notes and tasks you might have to accomplish the very next day. Being organized from day one will only assist you in doing your job fantastically.
  • On the night before, set out your outfit, don't drink yourself crazy - who wants to smell your beer breath in the morning?!? Get a good night's sleep too.
  • Try and be as prepared as you can, check out the company's website, learn as much history about the company's doing as you can. Keep a pad handy to write down any notes during your initial meetings so you can refer to them later when you need to.
  • Lastly, be flexible, project confidence and really show them you are happy to be there at your new job and you will help make the transition of being the new employee to being one of the faved employees who have a bright future for themselves with the new company. Lastly enjoy the first day so that is it not your last and you will find yourself comfortable in your new shoes at your new desk in your new position.

Congrats on your new job, good luck and get going!