Learn All About Remote/Virtual Customer Service Jobs

A popular category for home-based work is virtual customer service. Companies providing such jobs operate virtual customer help centers by organizing the systems, using the necessary technology, training, and certification to handle incoming customer calls and inquiries for larger customers like banks, airlines, retailers, infomercials and others.

A customer service representative is a person hired by an organization to serve customers. The job can entail offering services to the customers as well as educating them on the company's many products and services. Ideally, each organization has a customer service department, and those that do online business, often hire virtual customer service reps.

Companies hire customer care representatives to deal with customers' queries on products and services. Companies hire virtual employees for many reasons and benefits, one of which is to save money by allowing employees to work from home. It is very important that customers find a person they can talk to about product or service 24/7, to answer a call, or answer their questions via a chat system.

Some skills you need are excellent communication skills, both in speech and writing, a friendly personality and disposition, and common sense knowledge of using a computer and the Internet. Employers prefer you to have at least a high school graduate degree. More education will allow you to apply to higher paying positions. You also need excellent interpersonal skills, and know how to establish and maintain good customer relationships. Additional skills may include: effective management, good research skills, fast typing, and the ability to document and write short reports. Having experience in customer service is a requirement.

You can expect to make from $15 to $25 per hour depending on your experience, training, and the volume of work. On average, the employer will want you to work from 10 to 40 hours weekly, and sometimes (during peak holiday seasons) the employer may ask you to work many as 60 hours depending on the work load and when the schedule allows.

People who run online and offline businesses and who want to save on business operation costs hire virtual representatives. Larger companies that have a big workload also hire because it is better than having them work in-house and because these workers have multiple skills.

You can find these jobs by registering with recruitment agencies or freelancing websites. When you register with an agency, they match you with the best job available depending on your skills and experience. Registering with a freelancing website usually means you will face stiff competition from other job-seekers, which can be difficult prior to establishing a good reputation.

You will have multiple duties, which can range from making calls to customers, answering questions and resolving complaints, and transferring calls to other departments. An employer may have you handle customer complaints via a chat system. Sometimes an employer may require you to double up as a sales rep, and sell additional products or services. You also have to follow up with customers in a timely manner, and maintain communication and organize sales records in a database or spreadsheet. Your priority is to ensure you address customers' issues to the best of your knowledge and skills.