Interview Techniques – Learn How to Ace the Job Interview

In today's job market, you need every advantage. And that means learning the interview techniques that will set you apart from the competition. In this article, we will review some tips that will make you shine during your interview.

Prior to the Interview

Before you even step foot in the interview site, you need to do your homework. It goes without saying that you should thoroughly research the firm where you are applying. You want to be able to speak confidently about the company and how you perceive yourself working within it. In addition, make a list of questions that you can ask about the company to demonstrate your interest.

In addition, other interview techniques that you should use include...

- Verifying the location and time of the interview. Find a map online to ensure you have proper directions.
- Dressing appropriately. When in doubt, it is better to dress too conservatively than too casually.
- Limiting your use of perfume or cologne.
- Brushing your teeth.
- Avoid smoking before the interview and spitting out gum before entering the building.
- Using the restroom beforehand in case the interview runs long.
- Arriving 10-15 minutes early.

At the Interview

Once you actually arrive at the interview site, it is time to focus on the task at hand. Turn off your cell phone so you won't be distracted by text messages or incoming calls. Good interview techniques call for you to be completely professional for the entire time you are at the company. This means treating the receptionist the same way you would the CEO.

While interviewing, you have only a few minutes to make a great first impression. Remember these interview techniques...

- Shake hands and make eye contact with everyone. Grasp others' hands firmly but do not squeeze too hard.
- Avoid using slang.
- Speak clearly but not too loudly.
- Keep your answers brief and to the point. Avoid rambling or monopolizing the discussion.
- Look at others when they speak to you.
- Ask questions as appropriate.
- Don't look at your watch or the clock.
- Remain positive and avoid negative statements.
- Don't bring up pay or benefits unless asked.

After the Interview

Your interview doesn't end when you walk out the front door. There are a few interview techniques that can make a difference no matter how you feel you did during the interview itself. Before leaving the interview site, make sure you get the proper spelling of everyone's names who were at the interview. Better yet, try to leave with their business cards if possible.

Then, use these interview techniques to make yourself memorable...

- Send a thank you note within 24 hours to everyone was part of the interview.
- Also, send a thank you note to the receptionist or anyone else who was helpful to you.
- Write down everything about the interview when you get home. Review both the positive and negative to help you prepare for your next interview.
- If you are not contacted within a week and were not given a specific time frame for the decision, follow-up with a phone call.
- Remain gracious if not selected for the job. You never know when the interviewer might be in the position to offer you a different position.