How Do You Achieve Work Life Balance? My Simple Formula!

Are you having a challenge with work life balance and making that happen for you? Do you feel pulled in too many directions? Can your life sometimes feel like it is spinning out of control?

Do you want true balance in your life?

Me too, I am writing about this now and sharing it with you because that is exactly what I wanted to accomplish in my own life not too long ago, work life balance.

There was a time when that was a distant dream. Something that other people mastered but I could only image. Improving balance in my life seemed out of reach for me no matter how hard I tried, or did I really try? That was the big question. I really didn't try mainly because I didn't know what to try.

I kept hearing everywhere I turned balance is important, you need to be centered. Too much of anything isn't good for you.

I have to say that my motto back then was, "If one is good two is better." Of course that type of thinking got me in a lot of trouble.

If you stop and really think about that concept you will realize that anything you have too much of can and will cause major problems. It certainly did for me, which is exactly why I felt the need and urging for balance in my life. That lead me to the simple formula I am going to share with you that has been working out for me ever since.

Work Life Balance Putting it all Together

I found that in order to juggle all the people and responsibilities in my life I first had to prioritize. I had to take what absolutely needs to be done first and put that in the right order, for me to function in a calm, centered and blissful way.

What I am about to share may not be what you are thinking is the most important and some of you maybe shocked by what I am going to say. You may think I am talking about taking care of your children or mate, making money, or paying the bills first. Of course all of those things are important and you would want to take care of those responsibilities but I am talking about something that is far more important, taking care of you.

If that is a foreign concept to you welcome to the club and listen up because I wrote this article is for you.

Up until recently I felt it was my responsibility to take care of everyone first and then see if, and I say if there was anytime left for me, which usually there wasn't. That kind of attitude led to a very unbalanced and what felt out of control life style.

Work Life Balance , You First Everything Else Second

Picture this for a second, when you are on a plane and the oxygen masks fall they don't say but your Child's mask on first then yours. You always put your mask on first. Why is that? The reason is if you aren't taking care of yourself then you won't be any good to your child, mate ,friends, boss , business partner or anyone else for that matter.

You can only bring to the game what you have in you. Really think about how powerful that statement is: You can only bring to the game what you have in you. You can't bring something to this planet you don't embody yourself.

So how do you make sure that you are taken care of first? How I do it is by starting my day with me. I always start the day with my quite time. This is my time for gearing up for the day ahead and getting centered.

I like to read inspirational, spiritual and motivation material for at least twenty minutes. Then I meditate and visualize. This has made a profound difference in my life and if this is the only thing you implement from reading this blog you will see a positive difference in your life, I promise.

If you need help with meditation and visualization I have FREE Mp3 down loads for creating work life balance and much more.

After that I take some time to make my to do list, which we will talk about next, then I start my day. This is so important that I have taken time to check in with myself to see how I am feeling and then I can make any adjustments from there, whether it is emotional or physical.

If it is physical I may stretch or clear my Chakras'. If it is emotional I will do some affirmations and or visualize the outcome I really want instead of the one I seem to be feeling. If you don't know where to begin with this I have many articles on my web site I have written that go into detail about how to do these things and make them work for you.

Work Life Balance, The To Do Lists

These lists for me are huge. They do two things that really give me clarity and balance. First I am able to get out and down on paper what I want to accomplish that day. Second I am able to prioritize what needs to happened first, second, third etc.
Next I keep the list with me and check off items as I go. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment and it also keeps me on track.

Work Life Balance, Scheduling in Relaxation and Fun

This is probably the most important point of creating true work life balance is making sure your to do list has the time for fun and play.

An example of my To Do List:

o Mediation and Reading 7:00 AM

o Write new blog

o Write two pages in my book

o Go over changes on TV show

o Implement new product for web site

o Market new master mind group

o Yoga at 1:00 PM

o Work with XYZ client on their new project/web site

o Networking

o Dinner with friends/or movie

If you have children you can schedule in fun time with them which is important. Find something fun for you and them to do together.

Take the kids to the park. Go to Disneyland or some type of amusement park. Take the kids to the zoo. For me it is important to make sure I don't forget to be a kid myself, which leads me to the last step.

Work Life Balance, Try New Things

Make sure your to do list has lots of variety. I have found that experiencing new and different things and places keeps me feeling balanced and energized at the same time.
I don't feel stuck in the same old routine. Life will be as exciting as you allow it to be. You have to plan in your excitement it is part of the balance.

At least once a month try something new or go somewhere you haven't been before. Shake it up and you will notice how you feel more involved and alive.

If you really want balance in your life it is not that difficult. Follow these simple steps and you will feel the difference almost immediately, I guarantee it.

Do you have some great ideas or tips on work life balance and how you have achieved that in your life? Share with everyone what your secrets are. I would love to hear from other people about how they are improving balance in their own lives.

If you are having trouble with work life balance feel free to blog here about that as well, let me know what you are struggling with.

Just remember nothing is out of your reach. You can achieve anything you put your mind too.
I wish for you all the success and happiness the Universe has to offer!

"Whatever you experience repeatedly, frequently and externally is a reflection of your inner state." Eckhart Tolle