Getting a New Job – The Golden Rule

Getting A New Job is often seen as something that is too difficult or involves too much effort, yet research shows that 7 out of 10 people would like a new job and 3 out of 10 would start a new job tomorrow if they could.

The main reasons people give when they say they want or need a new job are:

  • More money
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Personal fulfilment
  • To leave an unsatisfactory job
  • To work from home / reduce journey to work

In fact these ambitions can be achieved much easier than you might think because despite what you may be told, there IS ALWAYS A JOB FOR SOMEONE LIKE YOU! Don't be put off by people who tell you there are no jobs, just look at internet job boards, newspapers, job banks and recruiters' advertising to see that isn't true.

Neither should you be deterred by rising unemployment statistics - they don't make any difference to you - because if you're out of work the unemployment rate is 100% and if you're in work the unemployment rate is 0% meaning that the only statistic that matters is yours!

There are 3 ways you can get a new job:

  1. Get hired in a traditional employed role
  2. Buy yourself a job i.e. a franchise
  3. Create your own job by starting a business

You can find that new job by following certain job search principles, but to my mind there is one 'Golden Rule' and that is this: you must be able to convince someone else to employ you or pay you for your services.

Whether you want a traditional employed role or a self-created role the ability to talk about yourself convincingly is paramount. You must be able to get through a personal presentation - an interview with a hiring manager or a customer sales pitch - to be successful in this new job. This also demands the ability to write about yourself - a covering letter and resume/CV or a sales letter - either on paper or electronically.

Never give yourself a way out. Most people do this without even realizing it. They are willing to work hard on achieving their goals of getting a new job, UNTIL the going gets too rough or their motivation dwindles. Don't do that! Commit to making your goals happen, no matter what! Develop a Churchillian attitude: Never quit, never contemplate admitting failure, and never lose your inner determination. Then you WILL succeed.

So getting a new job may be demanding, but is not too difficult and the result is well worth the effort.