Do You Fully Understand the Importance of Your Resume?

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The next time you are reviewing your resume, consider the importance of what that resume means for your career. When your resume is sent out it represents you and creates a first impression that can either be positive or negative. Throughout my work as a resume writer I’ve reviewed resumes that contained spelling, grammar, sentence structuring, and formatting errors; along with an inconsistent overall style. Why does the look of your resume matter? When you go on an interview it is likely you will pay attention to the details, which includes how you dress and how you speak. Your resume also needs that level of attention and fine-tuning.

Why You Should Hire a Resume Writer

There are several reasons why someone decides to hire a resume writer. One of the most common reasons is that they are not getting the results they hoped they would after sending out resumes for numerous positions. Another popular reason is that it is easy to get lost in a maze of templates when someone tries the do-it-yourself approach and looks for information or resources online. When I have talked to potential resume clients I’ve also found that it can be difficult to articulate what they are thinking and how to be objective. Managing the mechanics of the writing process is also difficult because they are not a professional writer.

Common Myths

In addition to the challenges presented when trying to write a resume yourself there are also myths that exists about the resume writing process. The most common myth is that a resume needs to be one page in length. What happens when someone tries to create a one page resume is that they either leave out important information, key details are left out, or they sell their experience and background short. Another common myth is that a cover letter needs to be lengthy and express interest in the company, the position, and provide a number of other personal details. A cover letter should only briefly introduce yourself and generate interest in reading the resume, which is the primary document that provides details about your background and how it aligns with the position you are interested in.

Other Related Issues

In addition to common myths there are other issues that I frequently address as a resume writer. I have reviewed many resumes that provided lengthy explanations for employment gaps and other situations. Any time you feel the need to provide an explanation for something that has occurred in your background, it should be done during the interview. I have also have potential clients contact me and indicate they would like for me to “fix” their resume or take their resume and “update it” after having made an attempt to write or correct it. It is difficult for a resume writer to take a resume that has already been started or written by another resume writer and try to add information that fits the existing style. In most instances the resume needs to be completely rewritten so my recommendation is start with a brand new resume since you are already paying for a resume writer’s time.

An Inside Look of the Process

To give you an inside look of my work as a resume writer, I do not use templates or provide samples as all of the work completed is custom-made and all of my clients’ resumes are confidential. When potential clients contact me I tell them about the process of resume writing and the approach that I take based upon my work in this industry. I have also written resumes for jobs that I have not fully understood the technical jargon; however, the reason that I am able to skillfully write it is due to my ability to collect information and sift through it, find what’s important, utilize industry resources, and present relevant and key information based upon the client’s background and the job they are applying for at this time.

When You Look for a Resume Writer

I have extensive writing experience that includes formatting and proofreading through my work as a professional writer and college professor. My background also includes experience in the field of human resources and I know about the importance of keywords and establishing skill sets that match the industry or job the client is targeting. This is the type of information you should be looking for when you consider hiring a resume writer. Be sure to ask questions about their background as well as the development process for creating a new resume.

What a resume writer should never do is make promises about job calls or job offers based upon the resume that they have created. Not only is that misleading it is on ethical to do because it creates false assumptions. It is still up to the client to make a positive impression and through persuasive communication work towards receiving a job offer. A professionally written resume is only part of the hiring process and by itself does not determine whether or not a job offer should be made.

The end result of a professionally written resume is that it becomes a polished marketing tool as it takes the background of a person and showcases it in the best possible light while emphasizing key skills and qualities. What I have also found is that when the resume is completed it boosts the person’s self-confidence and it helps them convey their experience and background with self-assurance. If you have decided to hire a resume writer be sure that you are well-informed about their background and experience before making a final decision. The look and appearance of your resume, along with the presentation of your qualifications, will directly influence whether or not it is given any further consideration by a potential employer.

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