Can You Achieve a Healthy Work/Life Balance?

These days it seems like our lives are a non-stop hustle and bustle, especially for those of us who are business owners or executives. With our iPhones glued to our palms it is sometimes difficult to take a moment for ourselves. However, it is particularly important in today's world to achieve a work/life balance by creating time for yourself and your loved ones. Ever-evolving technology allows us to spend less time actually communicating face to face in business and it spills into our home life as well.

As a business owner or executive we know how hard it is to disconnect from your work, probably more so than the average worker. You run a team or an office and it seems like there is always something that needs to be done. We are not here to tell you to forget your work; we just want to help you create some me-time.

Sit down at the beginning of each week and schedule your time according to what needs to get done and what can possibly be postponed. You can also schedule your week to where you spend a few pre-selected nights getting as much work done as possible and the rest of the week spending time on "life" priorities. If it doesn't need to be done that day, maybe you can put it off a day so you can relax with your family, watch a favorite television show, or go for a walk.

Make a list of what is important to you outside of work. If you want to start going to the gym, for example, schedule that into your day or week to ensure that it gets done. If you treat fun things in life like you treat errands and appointments they are more likely to get done. Try not to overwhelm yourself with priorities. Starting slow is a key element if you want to achieve a work/life balance.

Are there tasks or activities in your life that you can cut out? With your busy work schedule you may need to minimize the things you do. After all, it's a rare person these days who has time to get everything done on such a tight schedule and a seemingly endless to-do list. If you like to play golf or tennis, go to the movies, or just spend time at home with family, maybe it's time to pick one or two of these activities or combine them. Maybe you can play tennis with your family, or play golf once a week to free up time for work or family.

If you want to achieve a work/life balance it is also essential to remember that you do not always have to say yes to every social invitation. As a business owner you want to network and meet new people, but make sure that it does not compromise the job you need to do. People tend to understand that your work and family come first. Saying no one week may allow you to say yes to an invitation the next week, thus creating a well-balanced social life.

You probably have friends, family, and even employees that can help unburden you from your busy life. Utilize these people to make your life a little less stressful. Ask your spouse to make dinner twice a week so you can work on something else. Ask a friend to watch your children for a weekend and take a much-needed short vacation. Find a reliable employee that will help you with some of your workload so you can go home early one day.

Since you have already prioritized your week you can give your friends and family adequate notice, making it more likely that they will be able to help you. Relying on others does not make you appear weak or incompetent; it actually gives the impression that you are strong enough to ask for help. We all know that it is important to have a balanced work and home life, so we are more apt to help those around us who need it. Keep in mind that you need to give as well as take. Hopefully when others help you, it creates time in your life for you to help them when they need it most.

There will always be something you need to do at work, but keeping up with the things you like to do will help create a balanced work and life.