5 Taboos for Recent Graduates When Starting a New Job

The transition from the wild college life to the mature career life, can never be easy. It begins with the shock of having a hard time finding a job and ends on your first day of work, where you'll be starting a new phase of meeting new people in a new place that operates functions that are new to you as well.

Instead of being scared of what the future has for you, here are some tips on what to avoid doing during your first month.

Don't be late.

9:00 sharp doesn't mean 9:15. Start a routine that covers all your morning needs, being late always sends the wrong message. Your fellow co-workers will think you're arrogant, your supervisor will think you do not care, and your boss will think you have poor time management skills.

Do not act as if your Mr. know it all.

Up until this part, your experience is your theoretical knowledge. Be eager to learn, accept the fact that you'll encounter a million tasks that you can't actually perform, but yet you're trying to learn.

At this age you are not expected to run the company, but you need to showcase the fact that you have potential, you are a promising talent looking to shine.

Last but not least never be afraid to ask, it's only natural that you do not understand, but it's not natural to screw up just because you were too shy to ask.

Do not go online just because you have nothing to do.

This might be a surprise, but you're not the only employee in the company. Once you have completed all of your tasks go ask your co-workers if they need help.

This shows your co-workers how friendly you are, how helpful you can be, and how good you can actually perform.

Do not be picky.

Do what you love, love what you do. Well this does not exist during your first month unless of course you love data entry and routine work.

You have not gained the trust yet, so your kick off tasks will not be very interesting, but do them anyways.

Climb the ladder slowly and do not jump steps.

Overcome those scary thoughts and obstacles at the back of your head and allow yourself to discover what work is all about. As a wise man once said starting a new phase can always be reflected by starting a new chapter of the same book.