Using Unconventional Job Search Tactics to Land Your Dream Job

Is the job search technique you presently use effective enough to land you the dream job you have always coveted? Are you sure you will get the desired interview invitations from using the conventional job search techniques? We hiring managers have realized that to get your dream job, you need to ditch the conventional job hunting techniques and utilize the unconventional job search tactics especially if you want your job seeking to be result oriented. This is because such tactics are more proactive because you the job seeker will set the pace of your search campaign. Further, they are highly targeted because they focus on specific industries, geographic areas, employers and positional types. They are also customized because they help in emphasizing your individuality by weaving your personality and career related values into your resume. Our objective here in this article is to identify such techniques you can use to land your dream job.

Remember Pareto's 80/20% principle? The principle is also applicable to job search. For a start, only 20% of available job opportunities are advertised either online or in newspapers/magazines. The remaining 80% of available job opportunities are not advertised at all. 80% of job hunters are therefore scrambling for the 20% of the available jobs advertised either online or in newspapers while the lucky and resourceful 20% of job seekers are the ones benefiting from the 80% of jobs that are not advertised online or in newspapers. These resourceful job hunters are getting invitation for interviews faster and consequently getting employed faster. To make your job hunting more effective and consequently get employed quicker, you need to join these 20% getting access to the unadvertised jobs. That is where the use of the unconventional tactics of job search comes into play.

These tactics are the ones listed below:

  1. Making use of your phone: Most job seekers do not do this. Only about 1 - 2% actually do it. This is because it is similar to cold calling in sale and marketing which most salesmen hate to do. However, by calling the hiring manager or a person that can influence your employment in any organization, you are not requesting for an interview but only starting a relationship. You should also try letting the person you are calling know the person that introduced him or her to you. Chances are that you might not be successful at your first attempt. You should however endeavor to persist by following up through emails and further phone calls. Try building a rapport with the hiring manager and a few others within your target company. That way you might stumble on some leads that would be of assistance during your interview.
  2. You hunt for companies rather than hunt for jobs: The joy in the use of unconventional styled job search is that hunting efforts is targeted. Having researched industries, companies and even people, you then focus your search on those industries and companies (and of course people) you desire to work in and work for. You should therefore target companies and not jobs in your search. Further, you need to research your target companies and start working for them before you are invited for any interview at all.
  3. Networking, networking and networking: The beauty in this kind of job search is that it helps you take advantage of all your network connections. At the end of your conversation with any new connection, ask this all important question "Who else should I be talking to?" This way you get to expand your base and get introduced to those who could assist you with your search. Your networking should however be smart and creative. You can network with your alumni, ex employees, friends, career office etc.
  4. Reading newspapers and magazines to get leads: You can also get leads for your job search through reading of newspapers and magazines. You can uncover leads by (i) monitoring the business sections for companies signing new commercial and contracts which portends a good sign for increased capacity. (ii) search for companies receiving venture capital. Such companies are likely to have a viable business model and will inevitably need new employees.
  5. Using temporary agencies to get full time jobs: Many savvy employers use temporary agencies as screening device for needed talents. This is often used as a ploy to put temporary workers through trial/probationary period. A conscientious and talented employee could always get hired through this method. Therefore if offered a temporary job grab it with both hands.

From the foregoing, it is evident that using the conventional techniques in your job search will not land you the desired job. It is only when combined with the unconventional techniques that you get the desired result. This is because while the traditional job search techniques focus on the visible job market, theses tactics penetrate the hidden job market or those jobs that are either not yet available or virtually unknown.

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