The 3 Most Amazing Ways To Explore Alaska

Alaska is the land of majestic beauty. And no matter how you traverse it, it will be the trip of a lifetime. In this article, we will explore the 3 best ways to visit this wonderland of nature. Your own courageous spirit and comfort level, will determine which mode of travel will best suit your needs.

R.V'ing -

If the freedom of the road calls to you, then an RV adventure may be the perfect Alaska dream trip. Your time is your own and you stop where and when you like. With 16 national parks and 365 million acres to see, you will never be bored. There are plenty of RV rentals available and camping areas everywhere. Follow the 'Highway Loop'- Hwy 3 through Denali Park, up through Fairbanks, around to Hwy 1 (you'll see beautiful rivers and land glaciers), branch off to Hwy 4 and take a trip down to Port Valdez, where you can see Bald Eagles, Puffins and maybe even a pod of Beluga Whales. On this adventure, you won't be able to take enough photos!

Guided Tours -

If you really want to get up close to the wildlife (like bison, moose, bears and mountain goats, just to name a few), then a guided tour into the interior is just your style. There are some lovely hotels that sit right inside the national parks and just about any tour you'd like can be arranged. They have jeep tours into the forests, hiking tours on glaciers and helicopter tours to remote Eskimo encampments. You can canoe, white water raft or take flight-seeing tours. Definitely a trip for the more adventurous.

Cruise -

Now this is the way to take in much of the stunning scenery of Alaska, in comfort. Cruises are actually more versatile than people realize. There are all-inclusive cruises where you would spend most of your time on the water and only dock for short periods of time in a few major ports. You would be able to see wildlife at sea, such as numerous species of whale, sea otters, penguins and the like, as well as much of the Alaska coast line.

There are smaller cruises that take you into the inlets, where you would see more mountains and land wildlife, getting more 'up close' to nature and the glaciers.

There are also combination cruises with a land tour package, where you would get a taste of both worlds. Floating past the stunning coastline scenery and either taking a comfort bus or a glass top train, comfortably through the interior.

Visiting Alaska is an indescribable experience that will delight the senses and remind you of the delicate balance of nature. Whether you RV the open wilderness, take a train in heated comfort or enjoy the view from your ships stateroom balcony, Alaska will touch your heart and give you an adventure to remember.

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