Why Barbecue Recipes Are Important for a Great Barbecue

Barbecue recipes are more important than just instructions for cooking food. In spite of that, to many and possibly even to most people, BBQ recipes are an unnecessary complication when the weather is fine and they decide to eat outdoors with a barbecue. Just stick 'a few steaks on the barbie' or grill up some burgers with shop-bought sauces, get in a few beers and bottles of wine and everything will be great!

Sounds good, but likely to taste bland, horrible or just plain risky! The importance of barbecue recipes is that, if you follow them to the word, then you not only end up with some wonderful grilled food that your friends and relatives will rave about, but you will also avoid giving them a bad tummy that keeps them off work and on something else all day!

Why is it that most guys have to do the cooking on barbecue days, but at no other time during the year? Because it's fun and it's an occasion when people are relaxing, having a good time and having a few drinks! The relaxation extends to the BBQ recipes and the way they are followed, and once a chicken leg looks good on the outside it's ready - OK? Wrong! Barbecued chicken is one of the major causes of food poisoning at barbecues, simply because it is not cooked all the way through.

Even simple instructions, such as cutting the fat round the edges of steaks, are ignored, and then the man of the house wonders why they have all curled up. Curly fries are fine, but curly steaks? These problems can be overcome by using properly designed barbecue recipes, and if you follow these recipes properly, including the cooking instructions, then you will have a great barbecue that people will enjoy, both during and after then event!

You may be preparing and cooking the food outdoors, but the same principles apply whether you are broiling, grilling or barbecuing inside or out - follow the instructions and they will work! Some BBQ recipes (or barbecue recipes to some) are very simple, such as for steaks or chops. However, as suggested previously, you should slice the fat at about 2 inch intervals, cutting right to the edge of the meat. If you are grilling pork chops with the skin on as crackling, this is even more important, since the skin contracts even quicker than the fat does and you end up with a curly piggy's tail rather than a nice flat chop!

Follow the recipe - food preparation is as much a part of proper BBQ recipes as the actual cooking. If the barbeque recipe says heat the meat to a certain temperature, then make sure you do that. Use a meat thermometer according to the instructions, and make sure the middle of the meat reaches the correct temperature. Too low and the natural bacteria may not be destroyed; too high and your meat might be overcooked and too dry.

If in doubt cut it, and then see if the juices are too red or have disappeared! It is difficult to go wrong with the actual cooking side of things if you follow proper barbecue recipes to the letter. However, sauces are a different beast altogether, and no barbecue is complete without a few sauce choices. A proper BBQ recipe is essential for sauces, and you can be sure of one thing: your neighbors will know if you have purchased a sauce from a store. So make your own!

The same is true of marinades - they too have recipes, and it is important to follow them exactly. None of this 'just a bit more salt' or 'this recipe needs more chilli'. The cooking method and times for barbecued foods frequently take the sauce into consideration, and some, particularly the sugar-based sauces, will burn if left on the grill too long. They will also burn if added to the food too soon.

Some barbecue recipes can be used to present the same food in a number of different ways, and so impress your guests with the variety of your creations. Chicken wings and legs, spare ribs and prawns can all be marinated in different ways and cooked with a variety of sauces that will have their mouths watering and queuing up for second and third helpings! Five dishes - same meat, but different sauces!

Without a proper BBQ recipe, the same food will be simply grilled and there will be a great deal of 'sameness' about your barbecues. Nobody will really look forward to your turn for barbecue night with anticipation - in fact, they might just have a theater booking that evening, or have to visit friends!

By following proper barbecue recipes your food will not be black on the outside, and neither will it be black all the way through! Temperature and the way you use your barbecue unit is all part of a good BBQ recipe, and by following these recipes properly you will not only come up with some great-tasting food, but also properly cooked food which equates to safe food.

There are no doubts at all that proper barbecue recipes enable people that cook only on BBQ days to come up with the goods. Recipes are designed to be followed from start to finish - not just selected parts of them. Do that and your barbecues will the talk of the neighborhood.

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