Secret Restaurant Recipes Reviewed

Being a big restaurant food fan, I had gone to a restaurant a few weeks backs and happened to try a new dish there. It was just out of the world! I had never eaten anything so delicious. I came home and decided to try making it the next day. Even after spending hours in the kitchen and taking care of adding just the right quantity of every ingredient, I still ended up with something that was not only awful in appearance but also in taste. All my effort ended up in the dustbin! Frankly, this wasn't the first time it had happened with me. I could never end up cooking the food with the restaurant aroma and flavour. I knew that I needed to know the secret ingredients and the special ingredients to make the exact replica. It was then that I got to know of the website Secret Restaurant Recipes.

There are many websites online that list the various tempting recipes but the problem with these sites is that they charge a handsome subscription fees to access the wide database. This is where the website Secret Restaurant Recipes bags the trophy as it does not require any kind of fees. The way this site works is by the way of a forum where people discuss their dishes and also get the recipes that want to try at home. This recipe database is updated regularly so the one can keep trying new recipes.

Secret Restaurant Recipes also offers a daily newsletter 'Daily dish'. People wanting to learn new recipes can subscribe and learn new recipes everyday and that too completely free of cost. These recipes include variety of cakes, bread, chicken, meat, turkey and vegetables. These recipes are emailed to the subscribers on a daily basis. One can also access the blog in this website. Again, people from all over the world write in this blog. RSS News Feed has also been enabled on this blog to ensure that all subscribers are informed timely of any new recipes or replies to any queries posted on the website The website also advertises a gift shop where one can buy kitchen products such as coffee mugs, aprons, chef hats as well as t-shirts but there is no kind of obligation on the subscribers.

Though there are many recipes listed on the website Secret Restaurant Recipes, if one still needs to try something completely different and exotic, one can always go ahead and buy the cookbook offered by this website. This book contains the mouth-watering recipes from your favourite restaurants such as KFC, Red Lobster, Chillies, The Cheesecake Factory and the Olive Garden. Just imagine all those amazing treats right on your dining table. I should mention again at this point that buying this cook book is completely optional. The unlimited, lifetime access to these recipes is given to those subscribers who buy this cookbook. In addition, a book of secret sauces is also offered to the subscribers, free of cost, in addition to the cookbook. In fact, there are other bonus gifts to be added to this list which include various other guides- guide to master the art of grilling; guide to tasty food for diabetics; guide to make American comfort food; guide to recipes for special occasions and a special cookbook with great recipes for the kids. I must say, a great deal!

Most of these recipes are tried and tested. I, personally have my house running on these recipes. My guests think that I actually order food from outside. I could not get a better compliment than this and I just smile back!

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