3 Awesome Garage Organization Tips You Should Learn

The garage is one of the hardest areas of your home to organize. With all those tools, Christmas and Halloween decors, and whatnot, it's overwhelming to think about where to begin. Keep in mind, the garage is meant to house your vehicle, not clutter. It's best to set aside a full day or even a full weekend to get the job done. It's best if you make it a family project so that you can go through

everything quicker!


The first most important step to take is to get rid of the clutter. It's important to go through ALL the boxes and separate the items you will keep, donate and throw. You can also set aside items you can sell if you wish to organize a garage sale.

Keep in mind there are things not adviseable to be stored in a garage like paint (should be stored in a more temperate area), propane (should be kept outdoors), papers (would attract bugs and roaches, unless stored in a tightly sealed storage box) and pet food (would attract rodents).

Invest in storage shelves

Once you've de-cluttered and finalized the items you're going to keep, it's time to organize them in your garage. It's wise to invest in industrial shelves to store boxes in. You can also look into garage-organizing systems that can create storage specifically fit to your garage's dimensions. Open shelves are better than cabinets because they're less expensive and are more accessible. You can also use maximize vertical space by installing storage for your tools and other items you can hang.

Some must-have items for garage storage include large stackable clear plastic bins (with lids), a small cabinet (with lock) for storing lawn chemicals, clear jars for storing hardware and small items and a label maker.

Seal your garage

Once your items are all organized, it's time to seal the threshold. Rain, humidity, windblown leaves, mice, bugs etc can easily make their way inside your garage and may ruin the items inside. To avoid this, keep things off the floor and use a rubberized strip to seal your garage doors and other doors. Also install locks on your windows for extra safety.

Organizing your garage can be a huge feat, it does take time and effort to go through everything but once you get through it, it will be worth it! Just follow these simple garage organization tips for a happy and hassle-free cleaning!

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