You Can Love and Trust Yourself With Food

This month I would like to share my L.I.V.E.T. I created this as an alternative to dieting, so you can be empowered to eat in a positive way instead. By learning to listen to your body instead of your emotions, you can gain peace of mind around food and body image issues.

L – Love yourself right now for who you are inside not what you see or think you see in the mirror. The real you is not your outer shell, it is your heart, the core of you, your love, emotions, feelings and desires. Honour and respect the true you so you can start to give yourself what you need in ways other than food.

– Intuition is absolutely key to being able to trust yourself and learn to eat naturally. It is essential you always go with your gut instinct and eat food you truly want, not what you should eat. If you eat what you should you may be satisfied physically but not emotionally. Therefore you will simply crave what you truly wanted in the first place and overindulge at some stage.

V – Variety in food is extremely important so it becomes spontaneous and natural. If you are always eating the same thing it becomes boring and regimented and very difficult to become emotionally satisfied. Satisfaction is the key to being able to stop. Remember when you eat naturally you are allowed to eat anything you like.

E – Enjoyment is so important. Some of us have stopped enjoying our food because it has become a problem and a worry and we often just do it to get it done. Or we may be in the middle of a binge so we may not even notice or taste the food. I really encourage you to slow down, taste, savour and get pleasure from it. Again this will help you be satisfied. When you are satisfied, you won’t be thinking about food when you aren’t hungry.

T – Trust and intuition go hand in hand with natural eating. The main reason people go on diets is because they don’t trust themselves around food and feel they have to follow a rigid plan in order to be healthy. Trust your body, it absolutely knows what it wants. Listen to it, eat when it is hungry and stop when it is satisfied and it won’t let you down. The problems only come when we ignore it.

As you can see, all the suggestions above are positive and empowering and enable you to tune into your body’s natural instincts. It’s certainly a lot more fun than starving and depriving ourselves and will ensure lifetime positive results instead of a short term fix which is not sustainable over time.

I am a wife and mother who has recovered from 20 years of food and weight related issues. I used to binge on food uncontrollably and then exercise excessively to get rid of it. After being diagnosed with depression and bulimia in 1996 I was introduced to Natural Eating. This enabled me to tap in to my natural instincts of hunger and satisfaction to develop a healthy relationship with food.

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