Wish Your Customers Were As Loyal As Your Dog?

Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend because they are loyal to their owners. The relationship between man and his dog develops as man cares for him by feeding him and giving him attention. In return, the dog is always there for him. Here are the traits of a loyal dog:

  1. They follow you
  2. They listen to you
  3. They are faithful to you
  4. They help you
  5. They protect you

Businesses strive to have loyal clients. Wouldn’t you love to fill your business with customers you could refer to as your “Business’ Best Friend?” Here are ways that those same traits can be applied to your customers and how you can encourage more loyalty from them.

They follow you.

Just like a loyal dog follows you around the house or yard, your loyal clients start by following you with interest. It may begin with a like on a Facebook page, a connection on LinkedIn, a follow on Twitter or an opt-in for your email list. Dogs won’t continue to follow you if you ignore and abuse them. Use the same standards with your followers in your business. Give them attention, give them value and don’t spam them.

They listen to you.

The nice thing about a dog compared to a human is they listen without judging or talking back. They are just there for you. Your prospects and customers are listening too. Make sure you are giving them something worth listening to. Give great content and advice in social media, on your blog and in your newsletter. Don’t be afraid to tell them what you know as a professional. I have made mistakes in my business when working with a professional because they did what I asked without giving me their professional opinion.

They are faithful to you.

A dog is faithful to its owner and as a consumer you are probably faithful to certain businesses. It might be your favorite restaurant, grocery store, or gas station. You go there regularly. You are willing to go out of your way to go there instead of a competitor and you won’t buy from the competitor. If you clients feel that way about you, they will be your best customers. To get clients who are that faithful, you have to deliver great service and build strong relationships. They have to feel important to you before they will give you that kind of loyalty.

They help you.

There are many stories of dogs that have helped their owners when they were sick or injured and of course, there are trained service dogs whose job it is to help people in a variety of ways. You can train your loyal followers to help you by giving you referrals and sharing testimonials.

They protect you.

Dogs are known for being fiercely protective of their people and their turf. If they feel threatened by you they will growl, and even attack to protect. Loyal customers can protect your business as well. Having their testimonials from loyal clients gives your business credibility and helps new prospects trust you. When something goes wrong or people ask questions about your business, they will protect and defend you to others.

Loyal clients are a great asset to a business. What are you doing to build loyalty with your clients?

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