Want To Be A Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who help others achieve their goals in life by helping them set goals and assists them in achieving it. When a person gets into personal trouble, the usual initial reaction is to keep it. He wants to keep it to himself for various reasons but the most identified one is the fear of being laughed at by others. People also have this usual social stigma against going to a psychologist or consulting a neuropsycho analyst. After all, no one wants to be tagged a neurotic. With us constantly facing stress factors in our career, relationships and even in our own personality, we end up either totally burnt out or psychologically disturbed. This is the reason why life coaching is now becoming a lucrative job.

What Approach Does He Use to Life’s Issues?

A life coach never delves deeper into root causes of problems, the way psychologists do. They simply focus in developing your values and personality by helping you get away with your bad behaviors that tend to hinder you from achieving your goals.

a life coach focuses on future achievements and only deal with practical issues. They are future thinkers and seldom do they touch on issues related to your past.


Before jumping into the trend wagon, make sure that you possess these qualities. They are relevant to the job and unless you just want to waste your time and effort on a profession that does not suits you, then don’t consider this. Remember, that is a gift. Though it can be harnessed through training, an inherent talent can always push you above the rest. Check if you got majority of these characteristic before making your decision.

  • Leadership Quality
  • Good Listener
  • Analytical Thinker
  • Problem Solver
  • Good Motivator
  • Non-Jjudgmental
  • Supportive
  • Effective Facilitator

What Are The Usual Problems That Needs his Assistance?

People got into a variety of problems ranging from relationships, family, marriage, divorce, legal, career, fears, and many others. Though a life coach’s specialization can be limited, he can always seek assistance from other people who are more specialized on issues concern.

Where can you get your Training?

People serving in Christian Ministries for a long period of time are exposed to people burdened with life’s difficulties, stress, worries and afflictions. Constant counseling had trained them on how to deal with these people making themselves perfect for the job as a life coach (Though mostly are not aware that they are). So, if you are interested on having this job, start serving in the Ministry and help in the counseling. Though, of course, you can’t expect to have your pay on it.

Another way is to have a proper class training. There are lots of organizations who are giving trainings on How to be a Life Coach but only the International Coaches Federation (ICF) is offering Training with certification to prove that you are indeed qualified to be life coach.

How Much is the Expected Salary?

His consultation fee may start at $300 per hour depending on the his experience and qualifications. The location of the business of course must also be considered on this matter.

Now that you had at least learned something on how this solo professional works, are you interested to become one?

Are you good in encouraging other people? Giving advice to a friend in distress or always run into some damsels in distress? If you always find yourself into this kind of situation, its more likely that you are a born Life Coach. Never heard of this kind of job before? Well, this job is now getting to be trendy, so we may better start to get a dig for it.

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