Trails With My German Shepherd

October! Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing color, the air is becoming more chilly and crisp and our dogs seem to be more wired with the cooler weather! My German shepherd is so excited to be outside, that is of course, unless it’s raining.

During this season she is especially active and has so much energy to exert! So one of my favorite activities to do with her this time of year are walks. Not only good for her strength, training and agility but also for me! We have been trying to get outside everyday to walk or jog always depending on the weather for how long or short we go. We have our favorite spots to go just around our small town. But also we love to go to some of my favorite hunting grounds! Rya (my shepherd) and I hit the trails that I call home during hunting season. Bear and white-tail deer rifle season come in late November so this gives me an opportunity to get out a little and prepare myself for hunting. And the State Game lands are so wide open and perfect for running your dog. And she’s never far from me or hard to hear as the leaves are crunching while she runs ahead of me.

I always make sure she is ready for this season. She gets her flea and tick drops before we head out. Equipped with an orange vest, a few balls and her remote collar system, a cover for the back seat as she always finds mud, she is excited to get in the truck for an afternoon of fun. We try to go on the weekend, especially since right now archery season is in and we are courteous to the other hunters in the woods and safety is first. So Sunday afternoons are perfect for the trails, creeks and hikes through the woods.

As we start out on our Sunday adventure, driving down to the state game lands, you can see her get more excited! Her head out the window, thrilled to be going for a ride as if she knows exactly where she is going. As we pull in the dirt road leading down to the trails she is even more excited with the familiar smells and landscape. I can’t help but laugh at little at how excited she gets. Out of the truck she jumps once we are parked and her nose is going a million miles an hour.

Orange vest on… check. Remote collar system on… check. Snacks and dog treats in my own orange vest pockets, out we head into the peaceful seclusion of the woods.

Rya has been trained to not chase deer, or run too far from me (hence the remote collar system) and as a shepherd she is very obedient, one of the reasons I fell in love with her. I let her run out a little ahead of me and I keep up as best I can since I am in my hunting boots. And the hills can be more of a challenge for me than her haha.

We generally spend all afternoon out putting on approximately 3-8 miles through nothing but trees and the sounds and smells of nature. We stop a few times to rest and have to stop for snacks and treats. Also Rya loves the water so any creek we cross she is in it and playing.

When it is time to leave you can tell she is exhausted, but happy and more calm as she has gotten rid of all that extra energy. After a good brush to double check for ticks and rinsing all the mud off you can tell it’s been a great day as she breathes that contented sigh from her stretched out position on her comfy dog bed and falls asleep like a rock.

It is Fall. Take the time to enjoy it with your dog.

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