Tips to Manage Your Time

Your time is invaluable! Each day everyone has 24 hours to do what he or she wants or needs to do. But, think about it! Are you using your time wisely? If not or you think that you could do better, here are some tips:

(1) Know where your time is going. When you know how you are spending time, you can make better decisions about the tasks at hand and be able to complete important projects.

(2) Set a limit to your time. Setting a limit to time can not only be fun but it can actually help you get important tasks done. There are many apps and tools online that can help you achieve your important work.

(3) Create a to-do list. You may think that a to-do list is old-fashioned and trite but it is just the opposite. A to-do list can save you time and you will never need to wonder what is on your daily agenda. This list will keep you focused, motivated and as you cross off your work list, you will feel enlivened and happy.

(4) Plan ahead. Try planning for just the day ahead and as you get into it, you will want to plan for the week. Break up your tasks according to what is most important. Once each project is completed, cross it off.

(5) Begin your work with what is most important. Do these tasks in the morning. Don’t wait until the afternoon when you are tired; do them in the morning.

(6) Outsource and delegate. Don’t try to do everything by yourself; that is, unless you are the only one to do the task. But, whenever possible, delegate!

(7) Do one task at a time and whenever possible, stay with it until it is finished. A favorite saying of many is, “Focus on the task at hand.”

(8) Be flexible! If you feel better able to handle certain tasks at certain times of the day, rearrange your schedule and do it! Some of us are more energized in the morning, while others do better working at night.

(9) Stop being a perfectionist, if you are a perfectionist! Stop rethinking everything you do. Do your best and once you are done with a project and have done your best, move on!

The benefits of good time management are helping you achieve what you want and faster, get more done and in less time, helps you waste less time and clears your schedule for more leisure time and helps you to feel happier and more positive.

So, manage your time and be happy and productive!

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