Tips on How to Hike and Camp With Dogs

Do you plan to go camping? Perhaps your dogs want to come too. Read the following tips to have fun and be safe with them while exploring nature.

See to it that your dog has all the necessary vaccinations and take along its records for emergency purposes. Do not forget to bring an ID tag with the name of the campsite or park with the words “Contact Park Ranger”. If you are going deeper into the wild, be sure to write the number of your friend/s for people to contact.

If you will camp on camp grounds, avoid bringing a loud dog that may annoy other campers. Take along a few dog toys, Frisbees, food and a sleeping bag/dog bed in case it becomes colder during nighttime. Do not let your dog stay inside the tent for long hours – to prevent it from feeling too hot or dehydrated. While you are sleeping, place your food outside of your tent to keep your dog from snacking (and also bears from bothering you).

When it comes to hiking, be sure that your dog can go long distances before you even consider of taking it along to your huge adventure. Try to take your dog on short walks and hikes in the desert or woods, aside from paved park walkways. Pack a first aid kit for you and your dog. Also bring useful items like an adhesive tape, bitter apple to put off licking, cotton balls, socks – if the paws get harmed – and tweezers. Read about emergency dog situations to ensure you will be capable of handling them. Take along lots of water for you and your pet. In addition, pack a Body Cooler Bandana, another helpful product, which you soak in cold water and wrap around your dog’s neck to keep it cool.

Bring another leash in case of emergencies. Since your dog will be on the move all the time, you need to feed it more often, and so, bring lots of food. If your dog weighs at least 20 pounds, it can carry a backpack filled with things (but nothing that is breakable or valuable). Let your dog practice carrying the backpack, and little by little, start to put things inside it. This way, the dog becomes accustomed to the extra load. If you will walk/hike in a rough/rocky terrain, consider buying dog boots. If you plan to bring a small dog that cannot keep pace with you, buy a dog backpack that you can carry when required.

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