Things to Know Before You Buy a Puppy

Many are attracted to the cute little pup in the pet store. It is in a glass case and you would really like to own it. You stand there watching its antics and behaviour for some time and then the deal is done. Wow! It is placed into a box and you take it home. That’s when a problem emerges. The animal is not toilet trained. Worse than that it is running away from you. It scampers around looking for a place to hide and then it lashes out and bites.

This little dog is scared out of its wits. Why? Firstly, it was in a cage in a place where dozens of people poked the glass. It also came from a puppy farm (outlawed now in Australia). It has had very little human contact and, above all else, it is not properly weaned.

You have a major problem because no matter what you do this little creature may never see you as anything but an enemy. The fact that every time he or she sees you coming it pees on the floor is an indication of the treatment it has endured beforehand.

Breeders are the only place one should go to buy a dog. If they are good at what they do the environment will be clean, the puppies are not confined in cages, and the mums are very friendly. It is the way the mother reacts to you that is an indication of the imprint the little one will carry away.

If, on the other hand, the mother dog is aggressive and unwilling to interact then that is how the puppy will be as well. They are programmed to the parent’s ways from birth. This is how nature protects them.

A good puppy to buy is one of around 12 to 14 weeks of age that has been properly weaned. It must come from a clean and healthy environment and be willing to be nursed and cuddled from the start. If these conditions are not met, then leave the scene and find a place where the standards are higher.

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