The Top 6 Ideas for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen remodeling is a major home improvement project involving significant time and expenses. When undertaking this work, make sure that you include the best features. A number of cool designs have made their way to the top of homeowners’ wish lists for renovation projects.

1. Countertop Garage

Driving your car into a garage may be something you barely consider. A countertop garage offers similar benefits for certain large appliances, such as a stand mixer, food processor, or blender. These tools often come out several times a week in a busy kitchen to help you prepare food for the family. Instead of storing them on the counter in full sight, stash them away conveniently in a countertop garage. Simply push up the door to access the appliances. When you finish using them, slide them back into the garage and close the door. This leaves ample counter room during the times when you aren’t using the appliances.

2. Corner Storage

Storage is a premium commodity in many homes. Use every inch of available space in the kitchen by incorporating corner storage into the design. Without corner storage, these areas are typically unused and wasted. With corner storage, an efficient Lazy Susan rotates to house items such as pots and pans. Simply spin the carousel shelving to access items you need and then close the door again.

3. Baking Drawer

Cooks who enjoy baking often have a generous collection of tools and supplies, which necessitate extensive storage space. Add a baking drawer to a kitchen remodeling project to house these important necessities. The deep drawer with dividers will house cookie sheets, muffin pans, cooling racks, pie and cake pans, and more. Position the baking drawer close to the oven for added convenience.

4. Pull-Out Trash Drawer

Stow trash away in a pull-out trash drawer. Keeping trash out of sight can be appealing, but the trash receptacle must be easily accessible as you cook and clean up. To make recycling easier, choose a drawer with separate bins for trash, paper recyclables, and other recyclable items.

5. Island Cooktop

It’s common to separate ovens from cooktops with a kitchen remodeling project. With ovens located in another area, consider the convenience of placing the cooktop on an island. Standing at an island to cook provides enhanced convenience to all stations in the kitchen. You can also utilize expanded preparation areas near the cooktop within easy access of the burners. A warming drawer located under the cooktop can be another feature to add.

6. Electronics Enhancements

Add a screen to your food preparation area to enable you to watch television or DVDs as you cook. These plasma screens offer sleek functionality and high-tech designs that fit right in with the kitchen environment. Some screens even combine with cooktop and ventilation equipment, incorporating lighting and an exhaust fan into the design. A wireless charging station built into a countertop is another popular option.

If you’re spending the money and time on an extensive kitchen remodeling project, make sure that it includes features that will make this process worth the effort.

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