The Story of Buffee’s Death That Any Pet Owner Can Identify With

I’m sitting under a huge tree in my yard remembering the stories my clients shared with me about their lives. So many stories, so little time, yet I procrastinate. And feeling just a little guilty because I don’t share the wisdom I learned from these special people who felt the trust to tell me their stories.

Warren and Julie were in the dog cremation business. I met them when I had to have my little Buffee cremated. It was a sad time for me. Buffee my little baby for nineteen years, had loved me unconditionally. He and I spent many hours sitting under a tree just thinking and wondering what the future held. I knew that one-day Buffee would go to heaven, but never wanted to think about it.

The day I met Warren and Julie was a very sad day for me, but that meeting that will forever stay a vivid memory. We made the plans for Buffee and I was to pick up his ashes the following day.

How I dreaded the next day, but someone had to do it; and I was that person. When I arrived at the crematory, Warren gave me the beautiful box ready for Buffee. Julie invited me to stay for a cup of coffee.

As we walked from their crematory, a beautiful wooded area behind their home, my heart was heavy with grief. Warren and I sat down on their lovely patio while Julie made the coffee.

Their warmth and kindness kept me there for two cups of delicious coffee, and we became friends. Warren learned that I was in the estate planning business. They had no children, it was important to them for their money disbursed properly.

Three weeks later I paid them another visit, remembering their kindness shown to me when I picked up my Buffee. I wanted to reciprocate and give them the attention needed for their last wishes. Warren was seventy-two years old and Julie was sixty-nine. Both were in good health which gave us the time needed to get all their paper-work reviewed by an estate attorney.

I visited Warren and Julie often during the next eight years. We had some amazing and interesting conversations about people and their pets. They opened a pet crematory after Warren retired was because they lost their beloved pet, a beautiful Labrador Retriever named Brownie.

Life experiences many times lead us in a different direction than we expect; yet those experiences can help us use the wisdom we learned to have a better life-style.

Today I am in the pet business; never knowing that my conversations with Warren and Julie would be of such great value for my future.

Perhaps my next story will enlighten you about how animals, especially dogs, play such an important part of our lives.

One of my biggest goals in life is helping as many people as possible understand that they have the power to make their life as they want it to be. You can become whatever you set your mind to. And just like many of you, I have spent years searching for a fulfilled happy life.

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