Puppies Potty Training

Puppies are adorable, they can melt hearts in an instant and can entertain you for hours and hours with their inquisitive nature. However, as all dog owners know, puppy care isn’t all laughs and cuddles, it also involves a lot of cleaning up mess and by mess we mean poop.

Dog training can be a difficult process at the beginning, especially with young puppies who have little self-control. They are not born with any senses which tell them where and where not to do their business, but despite this, dogs have a remarkable ability to read human emotions, more so than any other animal. Some research even suggests they can read human facial expressions. Please see below for our two dog training tips for potting training puppies.

Be overly tough and overly loving

Next time you take your puppy on a walk and they poop in an appropriate place (it can be debatable as to what that may mean to you), praise them as much as possible and get them in a really good mood. To do this make sure you speak in a really positive tone and give them lots of physical contact. But also remember to do the opposite when she/he poops in the house, for example, don’t be soft on them, let them know that what they have done is wrong. Now what we mean by this isn’t to shout or be abusive, but to show with your tone of voice and physical expressions that you are not happy with what they have done. Please be aware that eventually, your puppy will start to realize that what they have done is wrong and start to hide from you, but you must keep to the plan and ensure that they have been told off. You can even talk your puppy to the ‘crime scene’ and tell them off there so they definitely know what they have done wrong.

Learned behavior

Another well-used technique is to make your puppy associate pooping on the floor with a particular part of the room. For example, you put a sheet of newspaper down in the corner of the room and every time your puppy fouls on the floor, you pick them up and place them on the sheet. Eventually, the puppy will start to associate the sheet with the need to go to the toilet and will begin going there instead of where ever they may be at that point in time.

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