Outdoor Kitchens – What Are They?

Basically, this is an area that has all the equipment necessary to cook meals completely outdoors. In an outdoor kitchen you may have a sink, a bar, counter top to prepare your meals, a small refrigerator, storage for dishes and cookware, wood-fired oven, grill, gas burners, and other features that you commonly find in a regular kitchen. When building the area you want to ensure that you are taking the proper precautions to keep all stoves, grills, and ovens a safe distance from any permanent structure including the garage and home. What shape and size it will be depends on the preference of the builder. They can range from being small with only a few kitchen necessities and a grill to ones that are more elaborate and include seating for their friends and family.

For all kitchen utilities used or installed in the outdoor kitchens, they are normally made of stainless steel since they are going to be exposed to moisture at some point in time. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Stone or brick is commonly used for the structures such as drawer units, tables, and countertops because of their strength and aesthetic appeal. Stone or brick is also commonly used for wood-fired ovens because they make the oven more efficient and conducts heat better.

Outdoor kitchens can be portable or permanent structures. One example of a portable structure is a barbeque island, which is often place on wheels or casters so it can be easily moved to the area but is kept on the deck or patio when not in use. These types of islands will often feature counter space, a stove unit, slot for a grill and sometimes a refrigerator unit, and sink. This unit offers a wide array of features and is usually made of stainless steel, synthetic materials, or wood. They can also be made using a combination of materials.

Some of the more elaborate outdoor kitchens may be built into an open-air structure and covered with an awning, pavilion, or some other type of covering to protect you from the elements. This type of structure normally is built on concrete or tile flooring. Many times these elaborate units are combined with a bar or dining area to make the kitchen more functional. Some homeowners opt to build it adjacent to the home so plumbing and electricity can be run to the area. This will allow you to use appliances in the space also.

You can design your own outdoor kitchen and have it custom built by professionals or do it yourself. Many of the things you need to build one can be purchased at home improvement stores along with the grills, outdoor furniture, etc.

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