Need and Importance of Effective Communication


“Identification is one of the key ingredients of effective communication. In fact, unless your listeners can identify with what you are saying and with the way you are saying it, they are not likely to receive and understand your message.”

Communication refers to exchange of views, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and feelings with the intention of conveying information from the sender to the receiver, through verbal or non verbal means. We communicate for numerous reasons like for sharing information, learning, consulting, for connecting with others, writing rules and regulations, giving advice, sharing values and mission, teaching, expressing our expectations/ creativity/ philosophy/ research work, selling of products/ services, for publicity, maintaining public relations and advertising, networking with people with common interest or even with Internal and External source of the organization.

A study conducted by North Carolina State University concluded that in most of the organization Communication Skills were considered more important than either technical knowledge or computer skills. This itself conveys the Importance of Communication in work place. Many experts explain Communication as ‘foundation of every relationship’s, ‘life blood of an organization’, ”life blood for a successful team’ etc.

However, it is often observed that the best way to communicate with Internal and External source is through establishing an open door organizational culture, collaborative sharing and supporting management which helps to create a safe and healthy environment.

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