Meaning of Symbols in Ancient Rock Art

There are amazing scenes depicted in rock art on all the inhabited continents and the question is what do they mean? Mostly they involve animals and then the big fauna of the region but all of them, without exception, contain something that is a bigger mystery due to the quality and quantity of their presence. They are the hand stencils that clearly show the five fingers while the meaning of them has escaped interpretation.

Because of my reincarnation and link to the Spirit of the Universe some things are known to me that may not be known by others. This is because of the many visions received after a commission to remove the wall of blindness put up the first beast of Revelation. This was shown to me as the sun and it was the chief god of all people everywhere.

That shows the depth of its presence as such and the practices related to it that were carried by migrating groups as they spread around the world. Chief among these is the imprinting of the hand on rocks. The number 5 was shown to me as a representation of life and, therefore, was made by those who were initiated into it through their arrival to manhood.

Given an insight into language origins and how symbols became letters and numbers allows me to read ancient sites as a book. Interpreting the behavior and practices of the past is a way of breaking down the wall of ignorance that sun-worship has built.

The letters [f], [v], and [l] are interchangeable and ‘five’ is the same as ‘live’ and ‘life’. It is also in ‘fife’ and ‘vive’, while ‘re-vive’ means to ‘return to life’. That is what the initiate does when he is ‘baptised’ or ‘initiated’ in a ceremony that declares he is now a ‘living being’ in the eyes of his God. To celebrate this and confirm it a stencil of his five fingers acted as his signature and ancient rock art is, therefore, a record of the event.

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