Just Add Color – Livening Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s face it. For many people, spending time in the kitchen is a chore. While TV cooking shows tell us how quick and easy it is to prepare ethnic cuisine we’ve never heard of and inspirational articles bombard us with perfectly chopped vegetables on strangely spotless work surfaces, some people just don’t enjoy being in the kitchen.

This may be due to an inherent dislike of cooking, or perhaps a simple lack of time. One thing is certain, though. Having a dull, uninspiring kitchen doesn’t help.

Upgrading a tired old kitchen with new kitchen cabinets is a great way to get the creative cooking juices flowing again, and getting a little adventurous with the color scheme will see your newly-remodeled food preparation area become a highlight of your home.

Without taking it so far that it looks like your decorator had an accident, thinking outside the color box is a fantastic way of making your new kitchen cabinets stand out.

Playing with non-matches

For most people, the kitchen is the one place in the home they can regularly get creative. It then figures that getting inventive with the color scheme can only help with this.

In days gone by, the presumption was that every new kitchen cabinet in a home had to be painted the same color. Thankfully, those days are over and we now have license to mix and match to our hearts’ content.

The most tasteful way to achieve a nice aesthetic that doesn’t overpower is to work in blocks, with new kitchen cabinets along one wall sharing the same color, with a different choice used for the opposite wall or kitchen island.

Whatever the arrangement you have in mind, consulting a design professional is advised.

Escape to the kitchen

The kitchen is like no other room in the house. Most others are there for relaxing in and are designed in a way that best facilitates this most pleasurable of pastimes.

A space for working and producing culinary masterpieces, the kitchen is a completely different kettle of fish. Now, if the kitchen cabinets in your home don’t even have to match with each other color-wise, then they certainly don’t need to match with the rest of the house.

While the shock of entering the kitchen shouldn’t be too great, there is creative license available to color your kitchen cabinets in a way that would never be used anywhere else in the house.

If it makes the kitchen a place you want to spend more time in and inspires you to be more adventurous with the meals you cook, then why not?

Color yourself happy

When buying new clothes, or a new car, or even something as small as a new pen, we all have our preferences when it comes to color.

Although coloring your kitchen cabinets is not a permanent design change, choosing a color that means something to you personally or suits your lifestyle will make you happier than choosing one because it is currently in vogue.

The primary use of the kitchen and adjoining dining area should also be considered, as vibrant colors scream fun and energy while neutral tones help to create a calming environment. Lime green might not be conducive to family get-togethers or afternoon tea with the grandparents, but cream and beige might dampen a party atmosphere.

However you decide to color your new kitchen cabinets, the options are there for your imagination to run wild. Experiment with non-matching designs, create an escape from the rest of your house, and tailor your space for your own unique needs and personality.

And if the idea of a multicolored kitchen all sounds a bit too much, kitchen cabinets will always be available in good old plain, natural wood too.

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