Is Your Business Irresistible?

So many businesses are really vying for our attention – presents, clothes, services and programmes! It can be very overwhelming…

However, if you’re like me there will be certain companies and brands that you prefer above others. They draw me back time and time again.

In a sense they are irresistible – tempting, desirable, enticing and appealing!

Even though we each have our own personal preferences and reasons when making a purchase, I believe there are some aspects we can adopt and adapt for our own businesses.

Consistency – As consumers we want to experience consistency in the value of what we pay for and the service we received. There is a LOT of choice out there and it’s very easy to check reviews on-line and by word of mouth. If something didn’t meet expected standards or the quality was not up to scratch then that’s what we’ll share with others.

Is there anything in your business that can be enhanced, speeded up or systemised to ensure consistently high levels of service?

Relationship – Clients are more likely to make a purchase (and forgive you when you make a mistake) if they feel they have a relationship with you – even if this might start virtually through newsletters, audios and videos.

How can you strengthen relationships in all areas of your business (clients, referral partners, suppliers, readers or viewers) so that they positively flourish and develop in 2015?

Fun – I think one of the many reasons that Richard Branson has been successful with his ventures is that he injects a sense of fun into doing business. There is something within all of us that is drawn towards a certain light-heartedness and love of life. Of course there are exceptions for serious topics such as law, finance etc. but most of us have scope to instil a level of joy and positivity into our work (very client attractive).

In what ways can you express a confident, fun and positive approach in your business?

Stylish – Luxury brands ooze style and glamour. Even if it’s not possible to afford (or even want) the shiny yacht and the fabulous jewellery those top brands certainly attract attention.

Could you inject extra style into your programmes, events or services that will get you noticed?

To enhance your irresistibility start with making a list of all the things you love about your favourite brands and their products and services. Then decide what you can do differently

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