How To Overcome Overwhelm In Life And Business

Many people today including small business owners feel a great deal of overwhelm and It is just the way life. Also I think it could be the nature of our lifestyles, but this can take a lot of vital energy away and make you feel down, desperate, sick and cause total brain blank and you may even feel a light headed dizzy feeling.

Are you suffering with any of this?

As busy business owners we can have a lot going on in life and feel that we will never get where we want to be. This leads to poor productivity and procrastination and not doing the really important stuff.

I want to share with you some of the most powerful ways that you can harness your own power starting today, and I hope that this will help you to prevent the energy draining cycle now.

The ideas I will share now will help you to get a situation under control and see it for what it really is.

NUMBER 1 WRITE ONE BIG LIST of EVERYTHING that’s in your brain right now, and from all your lists written on bits of scrap paper tucked in the bottom of your trouser pocket.

NUMBER 2 80% of the results you want are from 20% of the activities. Ask yourself what the top 1/5 or 20% of your tasks are the most important now.

NUMBER 3 ONLY 20% or 1/5 IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO FOCUS ON NOW. NO MORE NO LESS. Now mark those most important ones. Now write them on a new piece of paper.

NUMBER 4 For ALL THE OTHER ITEMS CREATE A NEW TOMORROW’S LIST or when you think you will have completed the top 20%. If something has been on the list and is not really required then delete it now.

NUMBER 5 ENSURE you have a NEW COPY OF YOUR TOP 20% AND DEFINE WHOCH OF THESE TASKS ARE NO1 NO2 NO3 and so on. REMEMBER THAT THE OTHER 80% you can deal with tomorrow or another day once this top 20% list is complete.

These ideas are very simple ways to learn how to overcome overwhelm in life and in business and get more stuff done. No matter what type of emotional or mental issues you may have, you can take action on this list today to get your life in order.

Just think what 2015 could look like when you master everything you do?

When we get overwhelmed it can actually be one of the biggest reasons that we get down, stuck and lack self belief in their lives and businesses, and this is because of a distinct lack of organisation.

The key thing is to understand that your life can run much smoother when you are creating more happiness, success and productivity, as this will happen naturally. You will find that your days, weeks and months start to become much clearer and this will give you much more energy, focus and confidence to achieve your goals.

So, if you are a person who just needs some handy tips or if you have your own small business then I am sure that following my suggestions can help you to learn how to manage your mind and overcome overwhelm in life and business.

If you want to know more about how to overcome overwhelm in life and business and what can help your happiness more in life, consider getting a coach to help you to get clear. This will allow you to free up your mental space and feel more relaxed about the direction that you are headed as a good coach can help you to stay focused and driven.

No matter what your life looks like now, it is more your perception of your life that hinders your success, not so much what actually needs to be done.

Things always seem worse than they really are because of emotions that can drive these beliefs, so, when we master our minds and take out the emotions from the core issue we can see things as they really are.

Instead of having the drama you can deal with life with logic, reason and creating solutions that deal with the core issues.

I do hope that you have enjoyed how to overcome overwhelm in life and business and I hope that it acts as a simple way for you to get more done in your life and master your mind, so that you can be more happy and less stressed.

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