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How to Run a Good Company

UPDATED October 11, 2016

This insight is from the point of view of a customer. And you probably have your own point of view. Leave a note with that.

Sometimes you can look around and really wonder what is keeping a particular company glued together? And you might wonder how it doesn’t just fall apart.

All companies are different, but the basic rules of integrity, honesty, and personal responsibility, usually are the same, no matter where you travel to.

Run a business, just ideas:

  • Treat your employees fairly. And by fairly, I mean, don’t punish the good workers when you really want to curtail what a bad worker is doing to your company
  • Sometimes customers won’t make complaints if they are afraid of losing services that they need (necessary services). Therefore if you get one complaint about a particular person, it may very well be that there are really ten or fifteen or even a hundred complaints but, perhaps, the other 90 people who didn’t complain are simply ‘afraid of losing services’ or afraid of repercussions, or perhaps some of them never bother to come back to your company.
  • Though you don’t see a problem in the company, others see the problem and thus the problem is not invisible even when it is not being solved.

Most times, management never realizes it but one single worker who is treating customers badly, can, behind the scenes, be treating co-workers worse. And, like frightened customers, frightened co-workers or co-workers who are being badgered or plagued by one lazy employee, will harm your company and lose business right in front of your eyes. And you, as the company manager or boss will be wondering how this is happening.

Have meetings once a month or a couple of times a year, for employees. (All employees must attend). And in that meeting, directly ask ALL employees if they see any lacks inside the company. And ask them to submit their suggestions and ideas on how this company can be run more efficiently to make workers happy and to make customers happy. All this, when applied, will bring an upward motion to your happiness and production meter.

So, the way that a company continues to be successful and continues to make money, instead of lose money, is to be fair to all the customers and to be fair to all the employees.

Sometimes a manager in a company fails to see that one single employee is causing a problem for the whole entire company. That’s what happens when you have an instigator amongst the employees. So, it is good for new managers to be trained properly so that an entire business doesn’t fail due to the mischief of one single employee.

Once the store manager or main company manager solves the problem of the one single employee, that’s when things pick up in the company and that’s when the business begins making more money.

When a company caters to one particular employee instead of treating all the employees fairly, the whole atmosphere changes for that company and sometimes that is so not cool.

Praise and reward your good workers. When you get letters of recommendations or complimentary letters, slide those letters into the business employee files.

You will see a huge progress in areas that saw no progress or no profit.

That’s how companies keep good workers and that’s how companies keep business morale up.

The better the atmosphere for employees, the better work ethic your workers have. The more smiles you pass on to the guys and gals who work for you, the more profit and progress your company makes each month.

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