Golf Swing Mechanics Development and Eyes Being Open Affects Stress and Range of Movement

Connection between your eyes being open and your golf swing mechanic range of movement abilities. How to use your eyes state in developing a fluid flowing swing.

  • The more open your eyes are, the more stress feeling in shoulder and muscle tension in body which creates body internal muscle resistances in your swing.
  • Do a physical test: Start off with eyes just open and take few breath and move your fingers to see how they feel in range of movement and how hard is it to move them.. Not fast range to form a feeling. As you widen your eyes, you will notice tension in your shoulders you can call stress..
  • Example of eyes placement can be seen in dancer’s eyes. They are soft you would notice that they are half open and project calmness.
  • If you want flow and range of movement in your swing mechanics, then you must have calm eyes.

How this applies to golf:

Your golf swing must have a fluid tempo and low range of muscle tension.

  • At Setup for a driver swing, close your eyes to give time to feel your setup and let mind make adjustment of sensation to generate force in the swing. At setup closing your eyes mind can choice to forces on shaping your body base on sensations coming to the Brain and mind choices what to adjust base on ideas and practice swing mechanics tor that club.
  • Having your eyes closed allows you to soften your jaw muscles (pterygoid muscles) that lower stress of shoot affects for affects the faces and allows one to keep your shoulders down. (One of the root cause of all directional misses is your shoulders elevating upward). You can have your eyes closed and hit the ball if your swing mechanices for each club is very refine.
  • Try having your eyes half closed and ensure you can still see the ball. Keep your eyes in this position during your swing. Do this while practicing swinging with a ball. This exercise is creating a new sensation.
  • Just before contacting the ball, your eyes will widen, and your body will tighten. You can and should test this effect with eyes barely open and wide open. (This has never been talked about).

Using your eyes to release tension:

  • There are two eyes positions you can utilize during meditation exercises.
    • One is having your eyes closed and the other is having your eyes open to different levels. The hardest in meditation is your eyes are just open enough to see NOTHING clearly. Just soft eyelieds makes soft faces linked to jaw softening.
    • Your eyes being open and close the two positions narrow your mind focus between your internal and external cluing.
    • When your eyes are blurry open you cannot focus directly is the goal so you can be into your core breathing directing moving energy in your body.
  • My suggestions:
  • I would start with your eyes half open and a softened jaw (pterygoid muscles). Swing with your eyes half open (so you do not tighten up). Once again if your eyes open fully, you can feel your shoulders tighten up.
  • When your eyes are wide open your shoulders lose their range of rotation-movement. Having your eyes open tightens up your whole face and directs your energy to your face rather than your swing mechanics.
  • When your eyes are half open you can focus on your swing mechanics.
  • When your eyes are ¾’s open you are going between your swing mechanics and what your mind-attitude generator is processing.
  • Your goal is to cool your mind-attitude generator abstract thoughts and transition into your learned swing mechanics.
  • These exercises train your mind to pick up on all your sensations.
  • You can have a negative or a positive attitude. A negative attitude is always an abstractive thought or idea and is based on fear from outside one self. A positive attitude is more focused on the physical connection to what you are doing in the hear and now for you are in Zone state with your body in movement of a swing..

Try this

  • The bigger your eyes are the more your mind focuses that affect body state and emotions to purpose.
  • The following exercise tests your clarity:
    • Make your eyes half open and observe a chair. Wiggle your fingers – they will wiggle easily.
    • Next make your eyes ¾’s open and observe the same chair. Try to wiggle your fingers – it will be a little harder and range will be little lower than when your eyes were halfway open.
    • Lastly make your eyes wide open and observe the same chair. Try to wiggle your fingers – it becomes impossible for your fingers to move.
    • This test showing the link between eyes and range of movemen. The goal is having calm eyes, calm jaw and faces
    • You cannot soften your shoulders. Calm eyes conserve your body’s energy.
    • To calm your eyes down – inhale through the nose and then exhale as you are blowing out your lips like playing a trumpet. Allow your eyeslids come down to create blurry vision during your exhale. The exhale for the best affect is created from belly button movement. On the exhale pull belly button into spine and down to tail bone. You have to have soft shoulders to get the longest exhalation.
    • This will allow your shoulders to soften and your entire body to soften down. Use your exhale through the lips to bring your eyes down, then pause while feeling empty. Then open your eyes halfway. This is the state you want to be in for shaping your golf.


  • If Your goal is to have better swing mechanics, I suggest you condition your mind-attitude generator to use your energy more efficiently. This is not simple to achieve but is simple in concept.
  • You do this by using your internal forces to engage certain muscle groups and notice your energy sensations. Here is RULE. The more you feel the less you think or have abstract thoughts. The more you think or attitude genorator is processing endless ideas the less you feel your body doing the swing so less enjoyment.
  • Your goal while practicing swing mechanics is to have a high sensation and low abstract thoughts for your working to create a Zone state in your golf swing. How you shape your eyes and pterygoid muscles is key.
  • When a person is calm their eyes are not completely open. This is because this will make your shoulders initially looser. As soon as you have an intention, your mind-attitude generator kicks in and then their eyes open more. This action tightens your face and your jaw which in effect tightens your shoulders and your entire body.
  • A calm swing is a good swing. Making yourself calmer will allow you to have a wider range of motion and have more sensations while forming and doing your swing mechanics. It also allows you to have more strong feet, hands, and head.
  • You must recondition your mind and increase physical sensations in your mind, so the mind forgets the old swing mechanics and goal is always to have Zone state swing. This is a repeatable effect.
  • Being able to project the proper starting point for your eyes will change your whole physical sensation for your swing mechanics. Your eyes starting position effects your jaw, shoulders, body, feet, hands, face, and mind.
  • Having a complete understanding of how you can shape your eyes triggers positive swing mechanics.

The swing mechanics and core genorator with attitude genorator and movement of energy during a Zone swing can be seen in Ben Hogan book the Five Lesson in the Two drawing. Understanding those two drawing in information of what he did with his swing Mechanics is not part of the Book. One has to realize their own internal forces to their Swing Mechanics Zone state swing. Zone is swing without a abstrcat thought therefore it has high sensations.

To help understand those two drawing I created series on YouTube detailing small points of development for Zone state swing mechanics with each club. Ben Hogan to me hand the right ideas and best Swing Mechanics to build your own swing.

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