Four Strategies to Help Prioritize Your Business and Life Activities and Ideas

Important and Urgent

These are priorities that are both important and urgent, and must get done now for life and business to continue effectively. They are time pressured, and may or may not align with your goals or objectives, but they must be done no matter what:

· Meeting crucial deadlines

· Submitting yearly taxes

· Business license

· Weekly networking attendance

· Tending to household disasters

· Keeping child out of danger

Important and Not Urgent

These are activities that require attention but are not particularly important. Days can go by before you attend to these activities, yet are crucial to your life to maintain a balance for deep personal satisfaction:

· Community development

· Personal development

· Enhancing skills

· Long-term planning

· Family and friend connections

· Hobbies

Not Important and Urgent

These activities may seem urgent, but really are not important to attend to immediately. These could quickly interrupt focus on what is really important.

· Social Media

· Looking at junk mail

· Office organization

· Socializing

· Housecleaning

· Errands

Not Important & Not Urgent

Types of activities that occur when you feel sapped from always attending to urgencies that aren’t serving the focused attention you wanted to achieve. They can become time wasters. By the end of the day, you lack enthusiasm to focus on what is really important. Your result is turning to relief activities:

· Watching TV

· Yapping on the phone

· Couch potato syndrome

· Computer games

· Shopping

Embrace a New Habit Framework

Getting into the habit of focusing on what is important and not urgent allows you to set priorities that will move you forward, and keep you motivated and inspired to reach the goals you set for yourself.

As you go through each of these Important and Urgent frameworks, ask yourself this following question…

What is truly important here?

Does prioritizing your Important and Urgent activities and projects feel too overwhelming?

Do you feel this has merit, yet you feel drained by trying to find the time or motivation in how to prioritize your Important and Urgent activities?

Then I invite you to simply stop, take a breath, reflect, observe and consider what will ultimately happen if you keep ignoring how to work smarter.

As you juggle your business, kids, household and partner, work with these four strategies to keep you on target. You will find you will feel more energized, inspired and gaining momentum.

And be easy on yourself. As you commit to devoting at least ‘some’ time with each task or project, you will discover how quickly everything will get done.

An Invitation from Nancy Beaton, Life Coach

Solution-focused approach in supporting busy women business owners, and women transitioning to find a more rewarding, fulfilling life that’s on purpose, and to ditch overwhelm and procrastination.

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