Eyeing a Facelift for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Renovating the kitchen is like viewing your friend’s baby pictures before sitting down to steak dinner. The end result is fabulous, but getting there can be painful. If your goal is to punch things up without knocking yourself out, there may be a better way that involves kitchen cabinet doors.

Rather than a complete overhaul and the disruption that comes with it, targeted tinkering can be just as effective at a fraction of the trouble. You may be working on a smaller scale, but with the right mix of color and creativity around kitchen cabinet doors, you can still have a major impact with minimal inconvenience.

A Black & White Issue

Though you might not think so in the midst of a heated “discussion” with your spouse, opposites do attract. It’s something you can use to your advantage by placing a light colored cabinet next to a dark one. The result can be dramatic, especially if you employ glass for kitchen cabinet doors. Use it to showcase some opulent stemware or a colorful collection of dinner dishes.

To tie it all together, install a tile backsplash that employs the same color as the cabinets for a striking, unified effect. At least that’s one thing you and your partner can agree on.

Move it & Use it

Regardless of your kitchen’s size, it pays to make the most of the space available. That’s the thinking behind movable corner cabinetry featuring a Lazy Susan (the term sounds like it might offend some people, but less so than “dumb waiter”).

With its circular, rotating design, you can pack a lot into a previously wasted area and conceal it all with retractable kitchen cabinet doors. And only you’ll know how your counters suddenly went from cluttered to clear. Who says you can’t solve problems by going around in circles?

Art Works

Sure, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, but he totally ignored the cabinets. Don’t make the same mistake as you transform your kitchen from a work in progress to a work of art. By removing kitchen cabinet doors and replacing them with art prints, you’ll have a look that is stylish, distinctive and a testament to your good taste.

As part of the process, be sure to choose a print that’s classy and complements adjacent colors in the kitchen. It doesn’t mean you have to ditch the “dogs playing poker” print, just place it in a lower traffic area like, say, the garage.

Take a Message

Apart from the battle for closet space, one of the greatest conflicts in home design is the “convenience vs. aesthetics” debate. It’s especially common in the kitchen where practical overrides pretty, but it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when you get creative.

For example, a corkboard where you can post important papers or reminders scores high in the practical department but doesn’t even register on the pretty scale. The solution is as simple as affixing the board to the side of a pantry and enclosing it with kitchen cabinet doors. It leaves your message center within easy reach without detracting from the overall effect of your rejuvenated kitchen.

In part, your career success has stemmed from working smarter, not just harder, and the same principle can apply to home design. With a few creative touches, your new-look kitchen will appear the product of blood, sweat and tears, leaving you to have the last laugh. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be okay with sitting through those baby pictures even if there’s no steak dinner at the end; then again, maybe not.

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