Extraordinary Designs For Your Kitchen Countertop

Your home can be an innovative and exciting extension of you and your imagination. Instead of following traditional trends, let your own individual style set the rules for your rooms. When choosing a kitchen countertop, explore unusual designs and features to make this area pop with ingenuity and creativity.

Embedded Objects

Manufacturers have a variety of options when fabricating countertops. It’s possible to add metal or glass flecks of color throughout the surface for an unexpected touch. You could also opt for other objects such as colored glass chunks, semi-precious gems, coins, shells, tiles, or fossils. After embedding, the manufacturer grinds and sands carefully to produce a finished product that shows tiny glimpses of the objects hidden within the kitchen countertop.

Unusual Edges

Instead of a boring straight edge, consider unusual and unexpected edges. Manufacturers can create sculpted edges in virtually any configuration or shape. Waves, curves, concave swirls, and convex turns are just a few of your many options. Freeform edges add a striking style that will pull all eyes to the unusual kitchen countertop. Consider a wood slab with an uneven, natural edge for an innovative twist.

Innovative Function and Design

Countertops serve an important, practical function in the kitchen. With this in mind, many homeowners are designing them with added features and function to make them even more user-friendly. A recessed opening to a trash chute can simplify your clean up exponentially. A built-in planter can place culinary herbs at your fingertips. Design storage features into the surface for easy access to all the items you need the most. Thin drawers immediately under the surface or shelves made out of the same material could be possible options. A wireless charging station for electronic devices also appeals to many homeowners. Add built-in electronic features such as a television or computer screen in the counter. An adjustable work surface that moves up and down can help everyone in your home use the surface comfortably.

Backsplashes and Inlays

The backsplash adds design and interest in the area between the kitchen countertop and the cabinets on the wall. Think outside the box as you design a backsplash that represents your unique style. Use tiles, mirrors, wood, beaded board, or even chalkboard. You could also inlay features into the surface to inject something personal. A logo or signature design is one example of an inlay. A monogram of your family name is another possibility. Special inlay materials can even inject a photoluminescence so that the counter glows in the dark.

Finish Options

Consider a customized finish to provide an unusual appearance. Embossed patterns and hammered finishes are two possibilities. Another option on surfaces such as concrete involves a glossy, satin, or matte finish.

High-end designer kitchens are not the only rooms receiving these types of special features. Many homeowners are embracing the ability to add unique touches to their surfaces without adding to the overall project budget significantly. Explore your many design options to create the kitchen countertop of your dreams.

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