Explore Materials for Kitchen Countertops

The material you select for your countertops plays a significant role in the overall life of the surface and how it holds its appearance. Some homes may be ideal environments for marble, while others are not the best places for this type of material. Explore your options to choose the best one to fit your lifestyle and your budget.


For durability and beauty, many people choose granite for their countertops. Granite will maintain its appearance for many years, resisting damage from chipping, scratching, cracking, and heat. Granite comes in a variety of different colors, making it a popular choice among consumers. Some drawbacks of granite include its weight and its price. Some kitchens will require reinforcement of base cabinets before installation of granite surfaces.


When your budget is the deciding factor, laminate is an obvious choice. Because laminate is a synthetic material, it is generally one of the most affordable options. Laminate will resist stains and germs. If scratches occur, you can buff them out to restore the appearance. With the seamless installation, laminate can closely resemble higher end countertops such as granite and marble.


For traditional charm, consider a wooden countertop. Wood materials are affordable and durable, making them a popular choice with many homeowners. It’s even possible to mix and match different surface materials in the kitchen, using wood for an island and something else for other areas of the room. Over time, wood will wear somewhat, developing an aged patina. Many people enjoy this natural wear. To keep the wood from drying out, apply oil from time to time.


Marble has a similar appearance to granite; however, this material is softer. The softer composition makes marble somewhat less durable than other materials. Depending on use, you may experience staining and scratching in the kitchen. Some people find this natural aging to be part of the charm of marble, because it adds a warmth to the surface.

Stainless Steel

At first glance, you may think that stainless steel would fit only in a sleek, modern kitchen. However, stainless steel can be a suitable choice for virtually any style. Because many of today’s appliances are stainless steel, continuing this material into the countertops can make perfect sense. This surface has added benefits of heat resistance and strength, making it virtually impossible to scratch or dent.


Concrete does not just belong on the driveway anymore. Thanks to newer technology and innovations, concrete has moved into the kitchen. Manufacturers are producing popular colors and stained surfaces that resonate with consumers. It’s even possible to add tiny tiles or chips to the concrete mixture to create stunning countertops to match any decor. With concrete surfaces, you will have no worries about damage from heat or scratches.

Explore your options to determine which counter fits your budget, your kitchen, and your lifestyle. Because you will likely have your new addition in your home for a number of years, you want to be happy with the purchase decision you make.

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