Does Someone Need To Let Go Of Their Resistance If They Want To Manifest Something?

What can be normal is for someone to spend a lot of their time and energy focusing on what they don’t want. This can be something that just happens and it can be seen as a result of what their ancestors when through a long time ago.

Ages ago, when human beings had to fight off predators to survive and were scratching around for food, they had to be tuned into danger and “negativity”. If they weren’t this way, they wouldn’t have lasted for very long.

A Remnant of The Past

The world is very different now, however, the need to look for danger and to be focused on the “negative” is still very much part of the human experience. It’s as though the human brain hasn’t caught up and needs its software updating.

Part of someone’s brain will be stuck in the past and won’t be able to fully accept that times have changed. Still, as this part is there to keep them alive, it probably wouldn’t be an idea for it to be completely done away with; if anything, it just needs calming down.


So, by being focused on what they don’t want, it is unlikely that their life will get any better. In fact, there is a strong chance that it will just get worse as time goes by.

The outcome of this is that their life is likely to change but this won’t be the type of change that they want. There will then be even more things that they don’t like and this could go on and on until they hit rock bottom.

The First Step

For them to move forward, they will need to start focusing on what it is that they do want – to channel their energy into these things. To do this, they can make a list of what they don’t want as this can bring clarity, but, this is not the same as being focused on what they want to let go of.

The reason why making a list of what they don’t want can help is that they might not be clear about what it is that they do want. Yet, if they have been focused on what they don’t want for so long, this is to be expected.

The Second Step

Once they have a clear idea about what it is that they do want, there are two things that they can do. Firstly, they can look into what steps they need to take to turn their vision into a reality, and secondly, they can start to imagine already having what it is that they desire.

In other words, when it comes to having something, there is the doing part and there is the be-ing part. While both of these parts are important, it is the doing part that is heavily emphasised in today’s world.

Totally Understandable

One way to look at this would be to say that this makes sense, as working for something is the only way that it is going to be attained. It is highly unlikely that it will just fall out of the sky.

The trouble with this view, as logical as it may appear to be, is that it doesn’t take into consideration the fact that someone needs to be resonating at the right frequency to experience something. This means that if one is not in the right place internally, it probably won’t matter how hard they work.

A Closer Look

One thing that someone’s ego-mind will do, along with their eyes, is create the impression that they are simply an observer of their reality. From this place, what is taking place inside them won’t have an impact on what is taking place outside them.

What they do, or don’t do, will be the only thing that has an impact on their reality, everything else will be out of their control. The truth is that it is not just what they do that shapes their reality; it is also what is taking place inside them.

How Does This Take Place?

There is something called the law of resonance, which is quantum physicals law, and this law states that everything is made up of vibrating energy. When someone vibrates at a certain frequency, they move into sympathetic resonance with the people, places, circumstances and events that are also vibrating at the same frequency.

This is why, someone can work extremely hard but not get what they desire; their actions might be the ‘right’ ones, but they can be giving off the ‘wrong’ frequency. Consequently, instead of pulling what it is that they want towards them, they will repel it, and this will lead to more frustration.

The Key

With this in mind, it starts to become clear why it is so important for one to be in the right place and not to just do the right things. Through being how they would be if they already had what they wanted, they will be an energetic match for what it is what they desire and it will want them as much as they want it.

What this also sheds light on is why it is not a good idea for someone to focus on what they don’t want. As through doing this, they will be an energetic match for what they don’t want and, of course, pull more of it towards them.

Breaking It Down

When it comes to what makes up someone’s resonance, it relates to their thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. Together, each of these elements defines what it is what they are vibrating.

What is taking place in their conscious and their unconscious mind has an effect, and this is why they can manifest something and not see how they manifest it. To understand why it has appeared in their life, whatever it is, they will need to go deeper into themselves.


This whole process starts with awareness as, if one is not aware of how what they are focusing on and resisting is shaping their life, they won’t feel the need to change their focus or to move out of a place of resistance. Through stepping back and reflecting on what they are focusing on and resisting and the impact that this is having, they can do something different.

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